Neograft-ARTAS Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Neografts and ARTAS are two robotic devices especially designed for FUE treatment. Both are significantly different from each other. They have their benefits, advantages, side-effects and limitations. Follicular unit transplant is one of the methods of hair transplant. It is the newest and emerging technique introduced in hair restoration surgery. It is used to restore hairs permanently on the head. Unlike traditional strip surgery, less pain and scarring is involved in this method. In this procedure, follicles are extracted from the scalp one at a time. A punch is used to create small circular incisions on the donor area of the scalp to separate the follicles from the neighboring tissues. After that, follicles are pulled out by the surgeon. Now with rapidly growing technology certain robotic devices are available in market to assist in FUE treatment. Neograft and ARTAS are two of these robotic devices. Both of these devices have different functions and specifications.In early 2000s, neograft device of FUE hair transplant in Pakistan was introduced for the first time in Lahore. Extraction or harvesting of follicles is increased if the surgeon uses this device in his treatment. This device needs to be used by such surgeon who has specialization in neografts and FUE. This device is based upon a suction system that extracts and inserts follicle on the scalp. A pointed rotating punch is attached to the suction unit that helps in dissecting the follicle from the neighboring tissue. When the follicle is separated from the tissue, it is sucked by a small tube and collected into a chamber. This chamber can collect up to fifty follicles. Recipient sites are created with the help of hollow needles. After that, neo graft device inject the harvested grafts into these tiny sites.

ARTAS is a robotic and manual FUE device that uses a robotic arm to harvests the follicles from the donor area of the scalp. It only helps in extracting of follicles. Recipient sites and transplantation of grafts is done by the surgeon himself. This device got approval from Food and Drug Authority of the United States in 2011. It is a digital and computer assisted FUE device. Video imaging is there to help surgeon to in precise and accurate extraction of follicles. Sharp edges on the machine are used to separate follicles from the surrounding tissue. It consists of two punches one is interior and one is exterior. Both are different in size. Inner punch is one millimeter in size use to dissect the upper part of the scalp. Outer punch is less than two millimeter in size and it is used to dissect the follicles from its surroundings.ARTAS gives minimum damage to follicles as compared to neografts. It also accurately removes the follicle from the scalp. Chances of grafts survival is more in ARTAS as compared to other devices. Only posterior part and temple of scalps can be harvested by using ARTAS. Neografts has capability of removing follicles from any part of the scalp. It takes more time in harvesting grafts than ARTAS. It is claimed by company that ARTAS has ability to harvest one thousand follicles in sixty minutes. ARTAS has more limitations as compared to neografts. Both procedure are available to treat baldness through hair transplant in Pakistan.

No incision and No stitches hair transplant Pakistan

Neograft Hair Transplant in Pakistan