Affordable and Cheap Hair Transplant clinics are situated in different countries and Pakistan is one of them.Hair transplants vary widely. Here are some facts and tips to get transplant done at a very minimum price. There are many hair transplant clinics in Pakistan which offer attractive and low cost procedures but search carefully quality of results of such kind of centers.

Starting hair transplant costs:

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is different to every clinic. Some offer cheap hair transplant and restoration procedures while other clinics and surgeon will charge you heavily. Usually the costs start from $2,000 to $3,000 USD. The major factors that decide the price are:

  • Grafts number
  • Graft’s type
  • Amount of sessions required

Grafts influence the cost of the transplant mostly.

What is a graft?

It is a narrow piece of tissue with one or more hair follicles attached to it. This graft is taken from the back of the patient’s head and then fixed in the balding area. Each graft is charged separately and the costs start from $US up to $9 or even more. The requirement of grafts depends on the baldness of the scalp. However you can discuss the numbers of grafts to your surgeon before starting the surgery.

Two methods are used commonly and are priced differently.

1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

FUT is more common. In this type, a strip of hair is taken from the donor area (back side of head) and then individual grafts are dissected from it.

This method is very effective and easier.

2. FUE, (Follicular Unit Extraction)

In this transplant, the grafts are taken individually from the donor area. And best for those who prefer to have short hair style.FUE is more expensive  than other transplants because this process requires more care and hard-work.

FUT and FUE is the best option for those with:

1. Female and male pattern baldness

2. Scars from surgeries like cosmetic surgery

3. Thinning or missing of eyebrows.

This surgery gives the ability to transplant the maximum quantity of hair with the least quantity of non-hair bearing skin. So, recipient wound is kept small and healing is quicker. With the proper method, large amount of grafts can be safely moved each session. FUE is used largely to restructure hair lines and cover up the bald areas.

Other cheap transplants:

1.     The Bio Medical

The Biomedical technique hair implant is an artificial hair transplant system that rooted into the patient’s scalp as a replacement. It is now offered by many leading clinics around the globe. The biomedical method offers full hair thickness or density, however it does not grow and the color cannot be changed. The procedure is also quick and easy to perform. The implants will be matched to your existing hair and skin and then  implanted into your scalp. The treatment is not painful and very cheap.

2.     Hair tattoos:

If you cannot afford the transplant, you can also get hair tattoos. This method is carried out with ink and the treatment is called Micro Hair Technique Scalp pigmentation. The founder of this technique is Ian Watson.

Leading clinics for cheap transplantation across the globe:

 Hair transplant surgeries in the countries like Pakistan, Thailand and Mexico are available at very cheap rates. Here is the list of the places across the world where you can find cheap prices for hair transplantation

1. Pakistan          79 %

2. Dominican Republic

3. Mexico

4. Turkey

5. Greece

6. Sweden

7. Thailand

8. Philippines

9. Slovenia

10. Costa Rica

Some tips:

  • Discuss the whole process with your surgeon first and then start the surgery.
  • You might require more than one session for the surgery. The prices increase by increasing the number of sessions.
  • Select the clinic carefully and the best one.
  • Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an experienced hair restoration surgeon and you can get best quality hair transplant procedure in Pakistan at affordable cost. For Fue he charges 1.00$ per graft and for FUT 0.50$ per graft.

Hair transplant in Pakistan

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