FUT or FUE hair transplant better – comparison by pictures

FUE and FUT hair transplant comparison ,advantages and disadvantages and difference in prices , every one would like to know these basic information. Two methods are there for those patients that have planned to get hair restoration with help of transplantation surgery. FUE or FUT procedure is available to bald patients and their selection depend upon the severity of baldness.When a person is going for surgical replacement, it is the major concern whether to select FUE or FUT for his treatment. FUT and FUE are the two available methods of hair transplantation. FUT or follicular unit transplant is the primary and oldest method . It uses at thin skin strip to extract follicles from that portion of scalp where there are healthy hairs and transplant them to the bald area. FUE or follicular unit extraction is the newer method of transplant where follicles are removed individually with the help of a punch by the surgeon. Both of FUE and FUT methods have some pros and cons. Hair restoration surgeon can recommend the best transplant method required for a patient. He will decide after examining the scalp and level of baldness. These methods can be customized according to the patients’ needs. Many things are similar between these two methods. One is that both uses follicles to restore hair back on the scalp. Another is that in both methods recipient sites are created in same way by making tiny holes on the scalp using a needle. Follicles are also transplanted in these sites from where they can grow in healthy hairs.Previous FUT hair transplant in Pakistan

FUT is cost effective and affordable transplant method. Average cost of FUT in the United States ranges from four thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. This method is helpful in covering the extensive bald areas of the scalp. A thin metallic strip is used to extract up to five thousand follicles at once. Only a session or two are required to get this surgery. On the other hand, FUE is the most expensive hair restoration method available. It usually needs fifteen thousand to thirty thousand dollars to get FUE treatment in the United States. This method is best suitable for those having tight scalp. It is also the best method for those who are on initial stages of baldness. FUE is expensive because it requires much time of the surgeon. It usually needs two or more sessions to get FUE treatment. Only six hundred grafts can be removed in one FUE session.

Fue hair transplant frontal hairline

A wound will be there on the scalp after extracting follicles with help of FUT method. This wound is usually three to four inch in size. It is stapled or stitched by the surgeon during the surgery. After getting recovered, a linear scar is present on the scalp that is covered by the hairs. In FUE, small incisions are made on scalp that became tiny white scars after their recovery time. FUE is suitable for those patients that want to keep short hair or shave head. People who have gone through FUT cannot keep their hair length short because their scar will become visible. Less pain and bleeding is involved in FUE methods. It is also an ideal treatment for those having diabetes, blood thinning or clotting problems. Local anesthesia is given in both FUE or FUT transplant to save the patient from pain and discomfort.

Fue procedure day 1

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