Fue Hair Transplant -Saudi Arabia Patient 2643 Grafts

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Follicular unit extraction procedure was performed on 23rd July 2014 at hair transplant clinic.

Total number of grafts = 2643

Covered area = Frontal ,mid and crown area.

Hair transplant in Saudi Arabia is at high cost and patients travel to our clinic where they get maximum number of grafts in one or two days procedure.

Fue hair transplant Saudi Arabia

Mega session of Fue hair transplant will cover all area.

There are very few hair transplant clinics in Saudi Arabia which can perform mega session of follicular unit extraction. It is pain free procedure and no more discomfort in it.The above picture is taken before procedure and surgeon was Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry-Paris trained and qualified.

Fue follicular unit extraction in Saudi Arabia

2643 follicles were extracted and placed in the recipient area

How much does Fue hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia?

There are many male and female patients in Saudi Arabia and can not afford too much high cost and they travel to cheaper hair restoration destinations and get their hair loss treatment. Fue hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia is charged 10 SR /graft. The average price for Fue procedure in Saudi Arabia is 20,000 to 25,000 SR.

How to get Cheap Fue procedure Abroad?

Our professional staff will guide and help you regarding your all arrangements, pick & drop from airport, hotel reservation and safe return to your country. There are many airlines coming on daily basis like Saudi Airline, Air Arabia,PIA, Golf airline,Emirates Airline. You can get 2000 to 4000 follicles in one or two day at affordable cost like 5000 to 8000 SR.

Will hair grow back from donor area after Fue procedure ? 

Yes donor area hair will grow back in few days. Below picture will show you after 1 day ,hairs started growth in the donor area.

Donor area after Fue procedure Day 1

Donor area after Fue procedure Day 1