FUE hair transplant Qatar

FUE hair transplant Qatar Doha Patient

Fue hair transplant in Qatar Doha is performed in few clinics however mostly patients travel abroad for affordable and low cost hair restoration procedure. It is a permanent hair restoration method that is also available in different cities of Qatar. These days follicular unit extraction or FUE is getting more popularity in the world. This treatment is  offered to bald patients. Hair loss and hair fall problems are also commonly found in the country. Non surgical treatments such as laser, Finasteride and Minoxidil are used by the patients who are on early stages of their baldness. Most of the patients go for hair loss treatments because they are the only permanent solution of hair fall. These surgeries help in getting permanent hairs by using the hair follicles. These follicles are extracted from hair dense portion of the scalp and implanted to the bald areas. The traditional strip surgical treatment of follicular unit transplant is available in almost all the clinics . Follicular unit extraction that is also abbreviated as FUE is the latest treatments available to treat baldness. This was offered to the bald patients during the early 2000s. In this treatment, hair follicles are harvested one by one from the donor area of the scalp. A punch like sharp instrument is used in separating the hair follicles from the surrounding. Once these follicles got separated, they are pulled out by the surgeon. This is the preferred hair restoration surgery because it gives minimum scarring to the patients. It also involves less pain and discomfort during the surgical process. There remains no linear scar on the scalp after the treatment however these are invisible and insignificant if micro punch is used by the surgeon while extracting.

Fue hair transplant in Qatar Doha

Fue hair transplant in Qatar Doha – Latest Technique

New hair transplant technique in Qatar Doha is expensive so people prefer best results at affordable prices. To fulfill this wish many people travel to our clinic abroad for best results. It is also not covered by any medical insurance like other cosmetic surgeries. This treatment helps the patients in getting scar free treatment and restoring permanent hairs. It is estimated that thousands of Qatar Riyals are needed by the patients, if they want to get this hair surgery from the country. Most of the hair loss clinics providing this type of surgical treatment are located in its capital city, Doha. Most of the patients who want to get FUE procedure usually travel to other countries such as Pakistan, Turkey India, Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to get cheap treatment. This surgery is provided on low cost in these countries, but the quality and results of this treatment are of same quality as patients can get in any developed country. It is required by the patients to arrange for travel visa prior to their visit. They also have to make online appointment with the surgeon or hair loss clinics in the country. They have to pay additional charges that are needed for hotel accommodation and air fare apart from the total fees charged by the surgeon.

Fue hair transplant cost in Qatar comparison abroad

Patients who want to find the latest hair surgery in this country have to search about hair loss clinics and surgeons with the help of internet. They can find a list of hair loss clinics in the country with their contact numbers and addresses through search engines. They can check the relevant websites of the clinics from where they can find detail and history of these clinics. They can also check the list of surgeon working and providing treatments to the patients. As this is the newly emerged treatment, so it is required that patients should visit such surgeons who have some how relevant experience. The clinics that are in Qatar are equipped with all latest instruments used during the surgery. Now there are robotic FUE devices in all leading clinics that assist the surgeon during the surgery. These help the surgeon in accurately treating the patients and giving them less side-effects after the treatment. Expatriates usually travel to their native countries to get this newer hair restoration surgery at a reasonable price. FUE Hair Transplant in Qatar is very much expensive. But now medical tourism is spreading in the world, they can travel to Pakistan if they want to get a high quality and desired treatment on low cost. Fue hair transplant cost in Pakistan almost 70-75% less as compared to Qatar.