Fue Hair Transplant Italy

Hair restoration and Fue hair transplant treatments in Italy for baldness. Hair transplantation surgery has evolved over the years and nowadays the most natural and long lasting results are achieved by the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method.  FUE method is done with precision in Italy but due to high cost patients travel to cheaper destinations like Pakistan.

The Fue hair transplant is a method that involves shifting of hair from an area of good hair growth to an area of poor or no hair growth. This procedure was initially done in the early 1950s to cover abnormal baldness caused by accidents and burns. Due to the success of this procedure it became a cosmetic surgery. The early methods were not as successful and natural as the methods being used today. These days, there are two basic methods which are being used everywhere in the world; the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method is considered easier since it involves the removal of hair in the form of a strip. This strip is cut using a scalpel and the wound is then stapled with the help of stainless steel staples. This leaves a permanent scar at the donor site but it can be concealed with the use of surrounding hair. The strip removed is then dissected into smaller units and planted on the bald patch. The hair transplantation method is technical since the surgeon has to assess many factors and produce a natural result. These factors include bearing in mind what depth should be maintained while cutting out the graft and what should be done to prevent any damage to the hair follicles on the removed strip. The FUE method is much more technical since the hair is extracted in individual follicles and the extraction has to be done in a way s that the surrounding follicles are not damaged. These follicles are then planted one by one on the recipient site. The donor site is usually the back of the head and therefore it is not tough to hide the scar from strip removal.In case of FUE surgery also, the donor site is the back of the head. The surgeon has to make sure that all the follicles extracted are planted properly and the existing direction and pattern of hair is maintained during plantation. This means that the surgeon must also have an artistic hand so that the results are natural and undetectable. Fue hair transplant cost in Italy is 4 to 6 euro per follicle, twice high from prices abroad. In Italy, the cost of all basic medical procedure is high and hence the FUE method, which is highly priced under all circumstances, is much higher and therefore not affordable for a large number of people. Apart from this, the results of FUE method depend a great deal on the surgeon’s skill therefore all patients are advised to search for a good surgeon who can offer an FUE hair transplant procedure in Italy at reasonable rates. This can be done by exploring the Internet since several surgeons and clinics maintain websites that provide information about the surgeon and also offer the testimonials of past patients, which prove to be good resource in judging the surgeon’s reputation. In countries like Pakistan, the cost of an FUE surgery are higher than other medical services, but since all medical facilities are much cheaper than in Europe, the FUE surgery also is within reach of many patients. Due to a heavy influx of patients from all over the globe, the surgeons in Pakistan are performing numerous surgeries on a daily basis and hence their experience is undoubted. The skills and artistry that are developed through a high number of procedures done make these surgeons popular and the number of satisfied patients is rising. Due to this, many more patients are also attracted to Pakistan and are more than pleased with the successful results. It is easy for a person to contact a Pakistani surgeon while being in Italy or any other European state.

FUE hair transplant in Italy is done with good results but it is very costly and out of reach of many people. This is why people consider travelling to other countries such as Pakistan.

Fue hair transplant Italy

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