Female hair Loss Treatment Lahore

Female hair loss treatment Pakistan Lahore- Hair loss treatment in Lahore available for both men and women. It’s causes vary in both male and female, so different treatment options are available for both of these genders. Surgical and non surgical hair restoration treatments are available for women in Lahore.Hair loss is more psychologically stressful for female than in male. Hair plays a very important role in enhancing attractiveness of a female. It can affect self-image, self-esteem and decrease all confidence. Women suffering from hair fall do not feel comfortable in presence of others. Same are the problems with women in Lahore that are suffering from thinning of hair. When hairs are frequently falling, they feel ashamed and have lower self-esteem. To help and provide hair loss treatment in Lahore for female patients, many dermatologist and transplant surgeons are there. It is important for them to visit their doctor when they start noticing an unusual hair fall.

Many hair clinics are located in different parts of Lahore to provide treatment to bald women or those suffering from hair thinning. In these clinics, dermatologist first found the reason behind the hair fall before providing any treatment. Androgenic alopecia, traction alopecia, telogen effluvium, thyroid deficiency, iron deficiency, pregnancy and chemical treatments are the main reasons of hair thinning in females residing in Lahore. Some of these problems do not need any treatment and hair loss stopped itself after a specific time. But some of these are so severe that hair transplant surgeries are needed for treatment. Female hair loss treatment Lahore first of all helps them in discovering the cause of their problem. After identifying the cause, dermatologists told them about all the available treatment options to cure baldness. It depends upon females and their budget that for which treatment hey will go for. In certain cases, medications and surgical treatments are provided in a combination to female to recover their lost hairs. Dermatologists also examine a woman whether she is a good candidate for hair restoration treatment or not. It is necessary to go for such a dermatologist who has years of experience in treating female hair thinning problems.

Many female hair shedding are temporary such as in case of pregnancy, hair will be restored back after the childbirth. Those female who are using hormonal regulating therapies and birth control pills can get rid of hair fall, if they discontinues the use of these medicines. Iron deficiency can overcome by having a balance diet and taking some iron capsules. In treatment of female pattern baldness, minoxidil is available in Lahore in form of pills. It helps in preventing further baldness and restore hair back on the scalp. Surgical hair restoration treatments are also available to treat females in Lahore that are suffering from baldness. In these treatments, hair follicles are extracted from the scalp or other part of the body. The follicles are transplanted to the bald areas of the scalp. The follicles re grow into healthy hairs within ninety days of transplant. Two treatments of transplant is available these days; follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. In females, follicular unit extraction treatment is used for hair restoration because it is aesthetic transplant surgery. It gives less scarring and wounds in the end. This surgery is available in different hair clinics of Lahore where they are customized according to the needs of women.

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