Face Surgery Pakistan

Face Surgery PakistanAt times with aging and some kind of skin issues and disorders, we need to undergo a face surgery. Face surgeries are also becoming popular in Pakistan. Many celebrities have undergone face surgeries in order to improve their looks and appearance.As Bollywood is concerned, we know that many famous Bollywood actresses went for face surgeries. Sridevi did a nose implant to get rid of her thick nose and same with Shilpa Shetty too. Madhuri and some famous actresses use Botox injections in order to stay young. Mahnoor Baloch has still maintained herself at this age with face surgery. Priyanka Chopra performed a nose job.The concept of face surgery became popular in Pakistan a decade back. The most famous form of face surgery in Pakistan is either a nose job or a face lift. Both kinds of surgeries are used to make patient look younger and beautiful. People with sharp features and thick noses are ideal patients for face surgery.

Another form of face surgery is also common. Skin peeling or skin rejuvenation which is used to give a lighter tone to skin and make it glowing. It also removes wrinkles from skin. Famous Pakistani singer and actress Noor Jehan went for a facelift in early 80s. She used to hide the lift scar with a cloth tied around her neck.  The trend of facial surgeries is becoming popular in Pakistan too. Our celebrities are also going under knife to look more beautiful and attractive. Nadia Hussain is a famous model. She went for nose job, cheek implants, lip augmentation and chin lift. Amena Haque and Iffat Umar also performed some surgical procedures like cheek implants and lip augmentation. Hadiqa Kiani and Noor Bokhari also did some nose jobs. At times there is a big hunch on your nose and you wish to get rid of it. People like to have a smooth nose that is curve free. The pointed area on the nose is usually trimmed   with the help of surgery. Pakistani actresses go for Botox injections after crossing fifty. Sarwat Gillani’s nose job is quite visible if you see her old and new pictures.

National Hospital Lahore offers the best face and cosmetic surgeries under the supervision of skilled doctors and surgeons. If you wish to get rid of your old looks, you can contact a doctor for skin surgery. Some celebrities have undergone knife to make their nose shape more angular and thin. At times some celebrities look odd with their new implanted looks. Some celebrities like Sadia Imam look unattractive with artificial nose and artificially fixed cheeks. Check old dramas of Sadia Imam where she used to be an attractive girl and used to have a lot of fan ship. Not every face surgery yields good results. Your doctor must be very skilled to know your features better. Some celebrities look odd with badly implanted cheeks and lips. You need to make an appointment with your doctor to know how you would look like after a face surgery in Pakistan.