Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan

People travel for cosmetic surgery in Pakistan from all over the word. It is their utmost priority to get their hair transplant, hair restoration , hair loss treatments, laser cosmetic procedure from best cosmetic surgeon in Pakistan.At times you wish to get rid of your bad old looks and wish to get new and beautiful ones. With the help of cosmetic surgery, you can get new and improved looks.Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry offers Laser cosmetic procedures of every kind. Some times plastic surgeries do not give the expected results. Actress Mishi Khan made a comeback at K2 TV after a long absence. She has changed looks and features as she used to have in her old drama Uroosa. She is much thinner now.Before signing Jism, actress Bipasha Basu underwent cosmetic surgery on her thighs and hips. Jism was big hit. Bipasha also has changed looks. Her cheeks have trimmed down now. Just watch some of her old films. She is much changed now. Her face appears a bit fat and chubby in her old films. Actresses like Hema Malini who happens to be a dream girl of her times also went for a face lift to get rid of wrinkles. Also Hema looks fairer now. Cosmetic surgeries are usually popular in Hollywood where people experiment a lot with their features and hair. Our celebrities are also coming under knife to look more beautiful and attractive on screen. The beauty procedure race is becoming popular in Pakistan and Pakistani media too. Females who wish to get rid of their wrinkled skin go for it mostly. In order to get more films and with better looks, show business people want to get more publicity and fame with improved looks. Just take example of Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. She was a girl with average looks and dark complexion. Now she got his Nose job and whitening of skin treatment. The most common procedure performed in cosmetic surgery in Pakistan are wrinkles treatment, face lift, lip augmentation, hair transplant and restoration, Tummy tuck, skin whitening injections and treatments.

How to find clinic for cosmetic surgery in Pakistan?

However, some Pakistani actresses have done bad and weird nose implants. Actresses like Fiza Ali, Sadia Imam and Sara Loren look weird with their new badly fixed nose jobs. You need to have a good doctor and surgeon for a good plastic procedure. Famous pop star and King of POP Michael Jackson started looking weird after having done too many plastic surgeries on his face. He got rid of his dark looks but looked weird after a plastic surgery. Some of the celebrities have become disfigured after cosmetic procedures.  One of the best examples of cosmetic operations is case of Shilpa Shetty where she has turned into an attractive Diva. Some celebrities wish to get rid of their aquiline nose.

Media is a fast paced life and everyone wish to look beautiful. Many celebrities undergo knife. Surgeries either makes them look more attractive or makes them look weird. Some famous actresses with dark skin tones also love to go for skin lightening treatments. After being criticized for a dark skin, females wish to opt for a lighter skin tone. Procedures like rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty are quite popular among stars.You need to check with your doctor well if you wish to have new and improved looks. Always consult with your doctor to know what kind of features you would have after a cosmetic surgery in Pakistan.