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To find and search for affordable or cheap hair transplant without compromising quality of work is a right of every patient. These surgeries are not covered by any medical insurance. So patients have to pay money from their pocket and finances. They are always in search of a cheap hair restoration, but few points must be kept in mind before going for low cost treatment.Hair replacement is a technique of hair restoration that effectively over come the hair loss and restores hair permanently on the scalp. This method is commonly available in all countries of the world. It is considered the only permanent solution of hair restoration these days. This method is affordable as many clinics and doctors are offering their services to get hair back on the scalp. An average  cost ranges from eight thousand to sixteen thousand dollars in the United States. This is enough money to buy a property or to start a new business. This is the average cost incurred on the traditional strip surgical method. Follicular unit extraction is as twice costly as the traditional method. People suffering from baldness residing in the United States, West or in the developing countries are always in search of low cost or cheap hair transplant.

Cheap Fue hair transplant in Lahore

With the increase of medical tourism, many transplant destinations are now in the world from where you can get the cheaper transplant treatment. Pakistan, India, Philippines, Greece, Turkey and Thailand are those countries that are providing both hair restoration at a very low cost. Citizens of various countries came here to get treatment and to save their money. Average cost of a traditional FUT graft ranges from one dollar to one and half dollar. A single FUE graft costs two dollars in these countries.The procedure  is cheap as compared to that offered in the developed countries. Hair loss treatments provided in the countries like Pakistan gives the same quality results in the end as you can get in the United States. Experienced and specialized surgeons are working there to treat patients on a low cost. These surgeons have got their specialization from the famous medical universities of the world.  Some of them also have years of experience in practicing in famous European hospitals. Transplant clinics that are providing cheap hair restoration also follow all international set standards of the transplantation. They have latest instruments and they use updated method of treatment. They take care of cleanliness and hygiene of their clinics. They have well mannered staff that assists patients in guiding about the basic procedures. Initial consultancy is provided in these clinics without any charges. For patients residing in abroad, they can provide online  consultancy. It is important for overseas patients to make an appointment proper coming to get a best services for hair loss treatment. They need to add travel and hotel expenses along with surgical cost in their over all prices.

Selecting Cheap hair transplant surgeon can compromise results

Many transplant clinics have marketing managers and claiming false commitments just to get financial benefits, try to avoid such clinics. It is advised to go for treatment to such clinics that are recognized and have a good reputation. To check the results of a clinic, patients can see before and after photos of their previous treated patients. Some unskilled and inexpert patients have also opened cheap hair clinics. They offer transplantation on very low costs. For example, in some clinics they gave thirty five hundred transplants on thirty five thousand Pakistani rupees. Such treatments can lead to transplant failure and wasting money. You deserve best  treatment for your head. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan with 17 years experience in his credit and consistently producing excellent result. You can trust his surgical skills and qualification and have free hair loss and hair fall suggestions. Searching for cheap hair transplant in Lahore is your right but you should not become victim of this procedure by un skilled doctor.

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