Cheap hair transplant Bradford UK or abroad

How to get low cost hair transplant in Bradford UK or abroad

Many young people suffer from baldness and seek consultation from leading hair transplant clinics in Bradford UK.  Some contact with their Dermatologist in the beginning of hair fall while most of them search for hair restoration in Bradford UK. There are few clinics which offer their services for hair restoration and some of them are performing very well and few of them just started this procedure. There are two kind of procedure offered for regrowth of hair called FUT and FUE. The purpose of both these techniques is to regrow hair however donor area harvesting entirely different in both these techniques.

FUT or Strip hair restoration cost in Bradford United Kingdom

It is a old and classic procedure of transplant surgery where donor area grafts or follicles are harvested in the form of strip removal. It is an invasive procedure and require incision or cutting of donor area of scalp tissue. This procedure requires stitches and there could be discomfort and pain after the procedure However this pain and discomfort can be treated by taking Analgesic tablet which lower or reduce it. The hallmark of this procedure is scar in the donor area. No doubt some clinics and doctors offer TTRICOPHYTIC CLOSURE  so that there would be minimal or less visible scar but when you trim your hair, it would be more visible. As this procedure consists of incision or cutting of donor area scalp tissue and numbness may persist few days to many months. Though it needs a lot of skill and expertise to produces best result but due to invasive nature of procedure, hair transplant cost in Bradford UK charged 2 to 3 GBP.

Fue hair transplant in Bradford UK

Fue hair transplant cost in Bradford UK

Follicular unit extraction requires skilled doctor, expert team and meticulous work in nature. This procedure does not require incision, no stitches and scar free in nature. However there are many round circular white dots  which may persist but these can be easily covered with short hair. Such kind of circular white dots no more visible after 8-12 days from procedure. There are few clinics and doctors for Fue hair transplant in Bradford UK which can offer mega sessions consisting of 2000 to 3000 follicular units in single session. Doctors and clinics in Bradford UK charge 3 to 4 GBP per follicle and one procedure of FUE  in Bradford UK may cost you 8000 to 15000 GBP. Such kind of cosmetic surgery procedures are not covered under any health insurance and you have to bear all its cost.

How can I get cheap and affordable  Fue procedure?

People search on internet to find cheap and affordable surgeons and clinics in the world. Most people see before and after results and references of previously operated patients. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a French Board Certified hair restoration surgeon with sixteen years experience and extract 2000 to 3000 grafts by Fue technique in single day or session. As prices are very reasonable for Fue procedure in Pakistan and mostly people take online consultation and appointment for this procedure. When we compare Fue hair transplant cost in Bradford UK versus Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s clinic, we found 65 % times less prices. Therefore it is good idea if you can travel abroad for quality but affordable Follicular unit extraction procedure. If you search for hair transplant UK, definitely best clinics of surgeons would charge you 5000 to 6000 Sterling Pounds.