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Best hair Surgeon in Pakistan Lahore

Every patient want to get hair loss treatment from best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan such a patient that is considered best in the city or country. To find a best hair surgeon, there are many sources available for patients. There are also some qualities that should be in a best surgeon. Hair surgeon is the specialized doctor that performs hair transplant surgery on patients. Some hair surgeons are specialized in all methods of transplant while the others have specialization in one treatment. As hair transplant is the most expensive hair restoration treatment available worldwide and it is not covered by any insurance. So before spending a huge amount of money on this treatment every patient wants to get treatment from the best hair surgeon in the town. Results of surgery are also dependant upon the skills of surgeon, so it is very important to select a good and experienced surgeon for transplant surgery. An inexpert surgeon can lead to graft or transplant failure that can waste the all money incurred on treatment. Not only the money is wasted, but you need to go for transplant correction and have to pay for it.

If you want to get the treatment from the best hair surgeon, the most important and authentic sources are those patients who got transplantation treatment in the past. They can access and evaluate various surgeons of your area and guide you best in finding a good one. You can evaluate surgeon yourself by seeing their transplanted hairs and actual results. Another way to find the best surgeon is to visit online hair loss forums. People from different areas have discussed the surgeons and their surgery results in various posts. You can read the views and comments of different people on transplant surgeons of your city. Many forums have rated the surgeons and the best hair surgeon is the one with the more ratings. This also helps in saving you from unethical and inexpert physicians that claims to be the best surgeons, but they can end in wasting your money. Despite these, you also need to visit surgeons before making a decision regarding surgical treatment. You can find a best hair surgeon by visiting many of them and analyzing their skills and abilities.

You can also check the pre and post surgical photos of a patient treated by a surgeon. The results in these photos can help you in finding the best surgeon of your area. These photos are available on hair loss and hair transplant websites. You can also check these on official websites of the surgeons. You can request them from the surgeon to show you result of some of his previous surgeries. These days some software is available in market that can enhance the appearance of a person. You need to be very careful while viewing these photos, so that you can find the best hair surgeon for your transplant.One quality of a best hair surgeon is that he should have a medicine degree along with a specialization degree from a reputed medical college or university. He must have many years of experience in treating bald patients. This makes his results accurate and precise. Only a best transplant surgeon can select the best available method of transplant treatment for his patients according to their needs. He performs the surgery with minimum scarring and side-effects.

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Frontal Hairline Lahore

Frontal hairline Dense packing Lahore

Frontal hairline dense packing is a desire and goal of every hair loss patient. However every clinic or doctor can not make frontal hairline thick or dens packed. As its artistic work and need a lot of skill, experience and expertise. Hair transplant is a blessing for those who want to redesign their face. Different hair restoration methods are available that can help in restoring frontal hairline. An efficient surgeon can give you natural results after the surgery. Transplantation is a method to restore hairs on the scalp by transferring hair follicles. In this technique, hair follicles are extracted from the dense hair portion of the scalp and transplanted to the recipient areas. After ninety days, they re grow into healthy hairs. Hair loss in both men and women first affect the frontal hair outline of the scalp. It is one of the most important benefits of hair transplant hat it helps in redesigning the hair outline of a person. It helps in restoring the original frontal hairline that reflects the correct age of a patient. One of the features of natural frontal hairline is that it is invisible and reflects the exact age of the person. It should not get visible that a patient has gone through hair restoration surgery. It is estimated that average number of hair follicles needed for from hairline transplantation ranges from 1000 to 1200 grafts.

There are two basic methods of transplant and both of them are used to transplant front hairline. In the traditional strip surgical method also known as FUT , hair follicles are extracted from the back of the scalp with the help of a thin strip. These follicles are placed under a binocular microscope and separated from each other by the surgeon. After that, recipient sites are created on the frontal area of the scalp using a needle. Hair follicles are transplanted into these tiny sites from where they re grow into natural frontal hairline. In the second method of transplant known as follicular unit extraction, hair follicles are removed from different parts of the scalp individually. Recipient holes are created into the front area and extracted grafts are inserted into the slits. Selection of a transplant method depends upon the severity of problem and affordability of the patient. An experienced surgeon aesthetically restores the frontal hairline of a patient that it is unable to differentiate from the natural one. It is duty of the patient to request surgeon to show him the pre and post op photos of his treated patients. These photos help patients in getting a glimpse of the surgeon’s result. Some photos are available on the internet that clearly shows before and after frontal hairline restoration surgery. Patients can get an idea by viewing these photos, what type of treatment and surgery they needed.

Best Front hairline results in Lahore

Frontal hairline is the most visible part of the face and restoring it needs great attention and concentration of the surgeon. Requirements of grafts vary from patient to patient because some people want a dense hairline and other wants a low one. Hair loss progress with the age and it is recommended that patients should go for a frontal hairline transplant when they are in their mid 30s. Some patients that have minimal hair loss can also go for this treatment. It is important for the surgeon to follow the basic principles of frontal hairline designs . We are specialized to restore dense pack frontal hairline hair transplant in Lahore.



Hair Loss Clinic Lahore

Hair Loss Clinic Lahore

Men and women residing in Lahore also suffer from hair loss problem. Many hair loss clinics are located in different parts of Lahore to provide different surgical and non surgical treatments to the patients. They gave good quality results after the treatment. Lahore is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan and South Asia. It is famous in the world for its unique culture, traditions, cuisines, language and heritage. It is the most develop city of the Punjab. People from Punjab and other provinces of Pakistan came here to get cosmetic surgical treatments including hair restoration. Lahore is the city of Pakistan that has the most hair loss clinics and each of them is providing all treatments of hair restoration. It is the common problem that is found all over the Pakistan. Millions of men and women are suffering from alopecia, baldness and hair thinning due to various reasons. Hair loss clinics in Lahore help and assist them in providing treatment according to their need and requirements.You can find many clinics in Lahore especially in Model Town, Johar Town, MM Alam Road and Gulberg. You can visit these clinics and get a piece of advice regarding your problem. Well experienced and skills dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons are working there to provide you consultancy. Initial consultation in these clinics is free of any cost. Many of these dermatologist and transplant surgeons have got their specialization degrees in dealing with baldness from the recognized universities of the world. Some of them have also practiced for years in big renowned hospitals and got experience  from there.

You can get medicinal and surgical treatments from hair loss clinics in Lahore. Dermatologists will examine your scalp and suggest the most appropriate treatment for your problem. Surgical hair restoration treatments that include follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction are available in Lahore. FUT is the most commonly available treatment of baldness found in Lahore. In this surgical treatment, hair follicles are extracted with the help of a strip. After this, follicles are placed under a binocular microscope from where they are dissected from each other. FUE is also found in Lahore, but in a few clinics because only a small amount of transplant surgeons are there who can perform FUE surgery. In this treatment, hair follicles are harvested by the surgeon once at a time with the help of a small circular punch. This is preferred treatment of baldness in Lahore because it does not leave any linear scar after the surgery.

Each hair clinic in Lahore charges cost according to their own calculations. Some clinic charges according to the number of grafts required by patients. Many have a package and a fixed amount of cost that they charge from every patient regardless the severity of the problem. Lahore is among those cities of the world that are providing low cost hair transplantation treatments. These clinics provide the high quality and desired results in the end of treatment. These results can be compared to any big recognized transplant clinic of the world. They are updated with all latest technologies and procedures and they use the newest available instruments in their surgeries.

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Scar Free hair transplantation Lahore

Scar Free Hair Transplantation Lahore

Hair transplant in Lahore or elsewhere are blessing for the patients who want to get their hairs back permanently. But one of the disadvantages of the method is that it can give a big scar on the scalp after the surgery. With the emergence of new techniques, now it is possible for people to have scar free hair transplant in Lahore. This technique is available in all biggest cities of Pakistan including Lahore. Hair restoration is the permanent method of hair regrowth available worldwide. It was introduced in Lahore in early 2000s. It has two primary methods; follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. Follicular unit transplant is the traditional and old method of transplant where hair follicles are extracted from the donor area of the scalp with the help of a thin metal strip. When the strip is extracted from the scalp, this results in a linear wound. It is later stapled or stitched by the surgeon. When the wound is healed, a big scar remains there on the scalp for the rest of patient’s life. But now scar free hair transplantation clinic in Lahore makes it possible to have a transplant without any scar or mark.

With availability of follicular unit extraction method in Lahore, people residing in Lahore and Punjab can now have a pain and bloodless surgery without any scar in the end. This method was introduced in Lahore in the mid 2000s. Now many transplant clinics in Lahore offer a scar free transplantation to their patients. It costs as twice as traditional strip surgical method that ends in giving a liner scar on patient’s scalp. Average rate of scar free transplantation n Lahore ranges from eight Pakistani Rupees to one hundred and twenty Pakistani Rupees. In scar free technique, hair follicles are harvested one by one by the surgeon. A punch like instrument is used to create small circular incisions around each hair follicle. It is used to separate follicles from their surround tissue. They are pulled out by the surgeon with the help of small forceps. Tiny wounds remain on the scalp for two to three days. They turn into white tiny scars after seven days of surgery. Thousand of scars are on the scalp after scar free transplantation, but they are not visible to naked eye. After this step, tiny holes are created with the help of needles in recipient area of the scalp. Surgeon inserts the hair follicles into these sites. No visible scar is there on the scalp in both donor and recipient area. Due to the minimum scarring in scar free transplant, it is preferred by the people of Lahore.

Scar free hair transplantation in Lahore does not mean there will be no scars. After all FUE is a surgery and like other surgical procedures scaring is involved here too. This scarring is very less and minimum. Patients in Lahore that wanted to keep short hair and shave head can go for this transplantation surgery. After the accessibility of robotic devices that assist in FUE transplant in Lahore, scarring is minimized. With the help of ARTAS and Neogrfats, patients can get accurate treatment and fewer scars on the scalp. These robotic instruments are found in different transplant clinics of the Lahore. It depends upon the skills of surgeon who is going to perform the transplant that how minimum scars a patient can get in the end. Highly experienced and specialized surgeons are there in Lahore to provide scar free transplantation to the patients.

Fue Donor Area


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Free Hair Loss Advice Lahore

Free Hair Loss Treatment Advice Lahore

Hair loss needs to be diagnosed at a proper time otherwise you can end up in losing all of hairs. Once you noticed unusual hair fall, you need to visit a hair specialist. If you are from Lahore then you can get a free hair loss advice from our clinic. It is the condition where scalp hairs are frequently falling and leads to the baldness or partial hair fall. It can decrease the confidence level of a person and lower his or her self-esteem. Hair loss can affect personalities of both men and women. Hairs are considered a part of body that plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of both genders. This hair fall problem is widespread in different countries. It is also there in Lahore affecting males and females of various age groups. There are many causes of hair fall and it is necessary to find out the particular cause before going for any treatment. It is advised to the residents of Lahore that they initially consult their doctor or physician to inquire about the cause and severity of their problem. Free hair loss advice is also given to patients in different hair transplant clinics of Lahore. Dermatologist can suggest the best available treatment to the patient. In Lahore, doctors first advice their patients to go for non surgical treatments.  If these treatments do not produce any effective results, patients are than recommended for hair restoration surgeries. It is the important question in the mind of every patient in Lahore that how much he has to pay during the consultancy session. Only a few clinics and doctors charge money to advice their patients, otherwise it is given to patients without any cost. Those suffering from alopecia in Lahore do not need to get worried about the fees they have to pay for their initial consultancy sessions.

Patients need to make an appointment with a clinic or hair transplant surgeon before visiting them. In this way, they can get a free hair loss advice. When they will visit the clinic or surgeon, they will get advice about their problem without waiting or any charges. This free advice session helps the patients to get estimated cost incurred on transplant surgery from the surgeon. The reason is that surgeon is the only one that can give you accurate estimation after examining the scalp. He will also help in guiding you about different  treatments. He can help you in finding that whether you are a right candidate for hair transplant or not. You can ask total number of grafts you needed in your transplant in the free advice or consultancy session. You can clear many confusions and questions arising in your mind regarding transplant surgery. Free hair loss advice Lahore also helps you in choosing a right surgeon and transplant clinic for your hair restoration surgery. If you are not satisfied by the advice of a surgeon, you can visit another one because you have not wasted your single rupee. In this free advice session with the surgeon, you can also ask about the transplant method for your treatment. Surgeon will recommend you what type of transplant method you need. Online advice is provided to those patients who want to visit Lahore from abroad to get their treatment.

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Cheap Hair Transplant Overseas

Cheap hair transplant overseas- It is very usual that people travel to other countries for getting medical treatments. Some wants to get good treatment while others wanted to save their money. After introduction of hair transplant, many people now travel abroad to get treatment on a cheap price.Hair restoration is the most effective and permanent treatment of hair restoration these days. This treatment helps not only in getting rid of baldness, but from such medicines that have to be used throughout the life to treat hair loss. This method has gained popularity and acceptance in all countries of the world. One reason that stops people from getting transplant treatment is that it is very expensive and not affordable. It is not commonly covered by the medical insurance in almost all countries. So to get a treatment on affordable and reasonable price, people usually travel abroad. Cheap hair transplant overseas is a new trend emerging in different countries.

Overseas cheap hair transplantation

Frontal area marking

It is estimated that within a last few years, medical tourism has increased. This is due to the reason that people are travelling abroad to get cheap transplantation. Healthcare treatments including transplants are very much expensive in the western countries and the United States. The average cost of traditional FUT surgery in the United States ranges from eight thousand Dollar to fifteen thousand dollars. FUE is very much expensive and unaffordable and it ranges from fifteen thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars. This amount is so huge that a house or property can be purchased in this money. So the people from America travel to such countries of the world offering cheap transplant surgeries. Counties including, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Mexico, Greece and Philippines are the popular destinations of getting cheap hair restoration. These countries offer the same quality treatment that one can get from the United States or any other developed country. Their clinics are equipped with the latest instruments used in transplantation. They use all updated technologies, methods and techniques for the treatment of their patients. They have good cleanliness in the rooms and operation theatres. A patient can get same high quality result as he can get in some big hospital of a developed country. But the price is cheaper as compared to the price incurred on treatment in their home country.

Average rate of getting a single FUT hair transplant in Pakistan is not more than one and half dollars. FUE treatment is as doubled as FUT, but it is cheaper than FUT treatment available in their country. A single FUE graft costs four dollars. The cheap hair loss treatment helps the overseas in saving up to fifty percent money. It is important to include the travel expense, hotel rent and hospital bill when they are estimating transplant treatment cost in other country. They also need to apply for a health visa and to pay a specific visa application fee. Cheap hair transplantation overseas make it possible for every bald person to obtain a hair loss treatment. Some people advice not to get cheap hair restoration from any other country. According to them, they cannot travel back to claim free graft repair once the come to their country. Another important thing is that people should find an authentic transplant surgeon and clinic before travelling abroad for treatment.

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