Hair Transplant Iran

Hair transplant in Iran is performed in all major cities like Tehran Isfahan and Shiraz. Iran was previously known as Persia that has been the birthplace of scientific research. Even today, the medical facilities and techniques used there are more developed than other countries. Iran is considered the capital of nose surgeries and the surgeons in the state are extremely skilled due to the heavy influx of patients looking for quality of plastic surgeries. Other cosmetic procedures such as hair transplant in Iran are also performed successfully. These procedures have become a popular procedure of cosmetic medicine due to a large number of people suffering from hair loss. Hair loss can be caused due to a number of reasons, these involve stress, genetic set ups and poor diets. As the number of hair loss candidates is increasing due to increased resources and exposure, the methods of hair replacement are evolving and therefore it has become an easier and less costly procedure for the common man. Unfortunately for Iran, the negative image of the state in the global community has caused the candidates of hair loss treatment to be less in number since the type of hair restoration that is available in Iran can be availed from other countries as well and therefore people avoid Iran’s security issues. There are many other countries where hair loss surgeries are done using the latest techniques and due to this many patients do not travel to Iran to avoid any social unrest. Iran is the hub of cosmetic surgery and the surgeons there provide excellent treatments but due to the social situation, candidates prefer other destinations. Due to this, the statistics of this procedure medical tourists is lower as compared to those of nose surgery. Other Asian countries such as Pakistan and Malaysia are also good contenders as far as hair transplant is concerned. However, Iran has a high number of visitors from the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The hair transplant in Iran is done in two ways, the strip harvest method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The strip method involves the removal of a strip of hair from an area of good density and then this strip is divided into smaller units. These units are then planted on the scalp where baldness occurs. Usually the strip is taken from the back of the head since hair growth is good there, but in some cases the donor site may vary. The donor site always has a scar from the strip removal since the wound is stapled with stainless steel staples, designed especially for surgical use. This scar is covered by the surrounding hair growth and hence is not very visible. The FUE method is a later development and it involves the extraction of individual hair follicles that are then planted on the bald area one by one. Surgeons are renowned worldwide and many  medical students visit these  center for hair transplant in Iran for procedure and learning purpose.

Cheap Hair Transplant China

Cheap hair transplant in China is offered in different packages.These are included travel,hotel stay and tourism. These days a large number of people are suffering from hair loss which is a result of stress or poor diets. This is why a large number of people turn to hair restoration methods. Hair restoration surgery is a permanent solution to baldness since it has lifelong results and is a one-time hassle and does not require any routines to follow. China is one of the economies that are rising fast and the development of the medical sector is also phenomenal. China boasts hundreds of clinics where top class surgeries are being performed. Many clinics are there who are offering cheap hair transplant in China and the medical tourism is rising. The hair loss surgery has been evolving and latest techniques ensure good results. The procedure was first introduced in the 1950s to treat accidental hair gaps and irregular hair growth due to accidents and burns. Due to the success of this technique, it became a cosmetic procedure and people started turning to it to restore hair growth. China has a rich history and hair play an important role in the traditional Chinese attire. This is also a reason it has become a popular treatment. As a hair restoration is a comfortable and easy procedure for the patient, it is a skillful and careful procedure for the surgeon. A large part of the result is attributed to the surgeon’s skill and artistic hand since it involves a lot of care on the surgeon’s part. China has a cheaper currency as compared to developed western countries therefore a large number of people travel there to get a good hair transplantation. Hair restoration surgery needs a lot of research and a candidate must select a surgeon who is well reputed and has a large portfolio of patients. Once a candidate has decided upon a surgeon, he can carry out initial consultations without having to go to China. Through the Internet, close ups of the scalp can be sent to the surgeon who can evaluate the number of grafts that need to be planted along with the number of sessions required to complete the transplant. The candidate can get a fair idea of the final hair transplant cost in China before he or she has traveled. Once all the initial discussions are done, the candidate can travel to China and find good accommodation. The clinics and medical centers in China are comfortable and according to world standards. This way, a patient is ensured a comfortable procedure as well. Once the surgery is complete, there is no healing time required and the recipient can travel easily. The surgeons always give a post surgery care routine to the patient which must be followed properly. If done so, the results are better and last longer than any other hair restoration method.

Hair transplant China

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Cheap Hair Transplant

Cheap hair transplant clinic Lahore

To find and search for affordable or cheap hair transplant without compromising quality of work is a right of every patient. These surgeries are not covered by any medical insurance. So patients have to pay money from their pocket and finances. They are always in search of a cheap hair restoration, but few points must be kept in mind before going for low cost treatment.Hair replacement is a technique of hair restoration that effectively over come the hair loss and restores hair permanently on the scalp. This method is commonly available in all countries of the world. It is considered the only permanent solution of hair restoration these days. This method is affordable as many clinics and doctors are offering their services to get hair back on the scalp. An average  cost ranges from eight thousand to sixteen thousand dollars in the United States. This is enough money to buy a property or to start a new business. This is the average cost incurred on the traditional strip surgical method. Follicular unit extraction is as twice costly as the traditional method. People suffering from baldness residing in the United States, West or in the developing countries are always in search of low cost or cheap hair transplant.

Cheap Fue hair transplant in Lahore

With the increase of medical tourism, many transplant destinations are now in the world from where you can get the cheaper transplant treatment. Pakistan, India, Philippines, Greece, Turkey and Thailand are those countries that are providing both hair restoration at a very low cost. Citizens of various countries came here to get treatment and to save their money. Average cost of a traditional FUT graft ranges from one dollar to one and half dollar. A single FUE graft costs two dollars in these countries.The procedure  is cheap as compared to that offered in the developed countries. Hair loss treatments provided in the countries like Pakistan gives the same quality results in the end as you can get in the United States. Experienced and specialized surgeons are working there to treat patients on a low cost. These surgeons have got their specialization from the famous medical universities of the world.  Some of them also have years of experience in practicing in famous European hospitals. Transplant clinics that are providing cheap hair restoration also follow all international set standards of the transplantation. They have latest instruments and they use updated method of treatment. They take care of cleanliness and hygiene of their clinics. They have well mannered staff that assists patients in guiding about the basic procedures. Initial consultancy is provided in these clinics without any charges. For patients residing in abroad, they can provide online  consultancy. It is important for overseas patients to make an appointment proper coming to get a best services for hair loss treatment. They need to add travel and hotel expenses along with surgical cost in their over all prices.

Selecting Cheap hair transplant surgeon can compromise results

Many transplant clinics have marketing managers and claiming false commitments just to get financial benefits, try to avoid such clinics. It is advised to go for treatment to such clinics that are recognized and have a good reputation. To check the results of a clinic, patients can see before and after photos of their previous treated patients. Some unskilled and inexpert patients have also opened cheap hair clinics. They offer transplantation on very low costs. For example, in some clinics they gave thirty five hundred transplants on thirty five thousand Pakistani rupees. Such treatments can lead to transplant failure and wasting money. You deserve best  treatment for your head. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan with 17 years experience in his credit and consistently producing excellent result. You can trust his surgical skills and qualification and have free hair loss and hair fall suggestions. Searching for cheap hair transplant in Lahore is your right but you should not become victim of this procedure by un skilled doctor.

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Hair Transplant Comments

Hair Transplant in Pakistan Comments Reviews

Reviews, analysis and comments of people play an important role in affecting our decisions. Hair transplant comments given by different people and especially those who have undergone through a surgery are very important. They help in getting the best available transplantation in the town. Hair restoration is a surgical procedure where the hair follicles are removed from one part of the scalp and transplanted to the bald areas. This is one of the most expensive cosmetic surgery treatments.  Hair restoration through transplantation is the priority of every person suffering from baldness and hair loss. Patients need to go for hair loss surgery usually once in their life. It is advised to go to experienced and well known transplant surgeons. Visit such a clinic that has a good reputation in your area or city. Otherwise you can end up in wasting your money. Inexpert and unskilled physicians are there to increase your problem and loot the money.

Hair transplant comments help you in reading about views and reviews of different people from all around the world. You can find about the hair restoration, its methods, procedure and costs from comments of various people. On some websites, they also provide assistance in providing you the contact of person who has posted a specific comment.  In some cases, the person who had made comment will contact you himself. These are provided to site visitors free of any cost. It is one of the term and conditions of the websites that you have to keep this information confidential between you and the provider. With help of this, you can ask a person that why he has posted some a comment on website and what was the reason that he is saying this. This can also help in clearing various confusions in your mind about hair restoration treatments.

You can also estimate the cost of hair transplant in Pakistan or your city with the help of  comments. On various hair loss blogs and online forums, people have made comments about the cost that they paid on their treatment. You can also get information from these comments that which transplant surgeon or clinics are charging more fees. After comparing the costs of different clinics, you can find such a clinic that is charging reasonable cost for hair loss treatment in Pakistan. You can also find the best clinic in your area by only reading the comments of people that have got a transplant in the past. Some clinics and surgeons also provide testimonials of their treated patients on their websites. The letters and comments about hair  treatment that they got everyday from their former patients are usually published in testimonial section of the website. Patients have shared their actual experiences and results. Some have narrated their experiences in the form of a story while others have made comments in few lines. Some websites have rated different transplant surgeons with the help of comments made by people. You can also find comments of some treated patients along with their pre and post surgical photos. Under these photos, other people have made their comments that how natural their surgical hairs are looking. These hair comments help you in deciding about a transplant clinic and surgeon for your treatment.

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Hair Transplant Clinic Lahore

How to find best hair Transplant clinic in Lahore

Like all the other big and developed cities, hair transplant clinic Lahore offers best treatment for hair loss and hair fall.This treatment is available in clinics that are only providing transplant surgeries. These clinics can be found with the help of internet or through online hair loss forums. Lahore is one of the biggest and industrialized city of Pakistan and capital of its province Punjab.

People from all over the Pakistan came here to get cosmetic surgeries. Many cosmetic clinics and centers are located in different areas of Lahore providing many surgeries. Hair loss treatment is also offered in Lahore. A huge number of transplant clinics are offering their services in different location of Lahore. This procedure was introduced in Lahore in early 2000s.After this, many transplant surgeons and dermatologists have opened their clinics. Before the availability of this treatment, people of the Lahore have to go aboard to get transplant. In that way, transplant was much expensive because traveling and hotel expenses were also included in the over all costs. Hair transplant clinics in Lahore are a blessing for the bald and hairless people. Now they do not need to pay extra expenses on travelling abroad. High quality treatment of international standards is available in hair transplant clinic Lahore.

How much does hair transplant cost in Lahore?

Hair  clinics in Lahore charges a reasonable and affordable amount for the transplantation. This price is nothing as compared to the other developed cities of the world. Clinics follow all the set standards set by hair restoration societies. They are equipped with latest instruments. They use the updated hair surgery techniques. They have a good and proper hygienic condition. They have experienced and efficient surgeons working there. Average costs charged by hair restoration clinics in Lahore on FUT surgery ranges from seventy five thousand Pakistani Rupees to two hundred and fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees. An average rate of a single FUT graft ranges from forty to eighty Pakistani Rupees. FUE is costly and expensive method of hair restoration. It takes eighty to one hundred and twenty Pakistani Rupees per FUE graft. Cost of per graft repair is one hundred and fifty Pakistani Rupees.

People from all over the Pakistan and particularly from Punjab visit Lahore to get an excellent hair restoration. A hair transpalnt clini Lahore can be found through advertisements in newspapers and magazines. These days due to availability of internet, it is easier to be looking for a clinic by sitting in the room and with help of a search engine. A list of hair  clinics in different areas of Lahore will come in a few seconds. Patients can get detail about them from their respective websites. Hey can also get contact number and address of a clinic. It is important to make an appointment with the clinic before visiting them in Lahore. Well experienced and specialized transplant surgeons are working in clinics of Lahore. They are offering both FUE and FUT treatments to patients in these clinics. Within the last few years, hair loss surgery  prices cut down in Lahore due to competition in transplant industry. So clinics are offering their services on a low cost, but give good results to attract patients. Citizens of Lahore prefer to visit hair  clinics  and hair loss specialist rather than spending money on medicinal treatment of baldness. It is difficult to decide which clinic is best but when we look testimonials and photo gallery then Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s doing best hair transplant in Lahore for the last 16 years.

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Laser Hair Transplant Lahore

Where to find Laser hair transplant in Lahore

Laser is an important part of cosmetic surgeries and now it is also used for hair transplant in Lahore. laser is also used for various cosmetic surgeries. Many clinics in various locations of Lahore are there to help and treat bald patients through laser.When it comes to baldness treatment, hair loss surgeries are preferred by many individuals because it is permanent and effective treatment of hair loss. In this treatment, hair follicles are removed from the back of the scalp and transplanted to the bald regions. Many surgical procedures are used to perform transplantation.  In some cases laser is also used in hair implantation. It is considered that hair transplant assisted with lasers painless and it gives minimum scarring after the surgery. This latest method of treatment through laser is also available in Lahore. Many hair transplant clinics in Lahore are exclusively providing laser assisted hair regrowth procedures. These clinics are few in number, but they are providing high quality treatment and give excellent results. Lahore is one of those cities of Pakistan that is providing most updated treatments to patients. Laser treatments in Lahore is heavily advertised in print and electronic media. Few years ago it was emerged as a method that helps in restoring hair back. Despite advertising and marketing, surgeons and medical experts are not assured about the effectiveness of this treatment. In laser surgery, tiny hole on recipient area is created with the help of laser. In this way there is less bleeding involved during creating recipient sites. Laser is used during the follicular unit extraction where surgeon uses laser beam of light instead of hollow needles in making incisions on the scalp. This technique is approved by the Food and Drug Association of the United States.

Now people  can go for laser hair restoration in Lahore at Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s clinic. A few years back in mid 2000s when laser technology was not introduced in Lahore, people have to travel abroad for treatment. But now not only the people of Lahore can get benefit from this technique, but also people from all across the Pakistan are coming here to get their treatment. It is one of the safest methods of hair transplant and patients can get their hairs back with minimum pain and discomfort. Not only patients from all over the Pakistan are coming Lahore to get laser air transplant, but people from different countries of world get their treatment from here. The reason is that this treatment is provided on a reasonable and affordable price in Lahore as compared to their home town. It means the method is harmful and helps in hair restoration.

Hair Transplant Cost in Lahore

Laser hair transplant in Lahore is provided by board certified and experienced surgeons. Most of them have completed their specialization from the recognized universities of the world. They also have many years experience in performing hair restoration with the help of laser. In Lahore, the clinics that are dealing with follicular unit extraction are mostly dealing with laser surgeries. Transplant surgeons guide the patients best that whether they need this treatment or not. The clinics offering laser transplant treatments have updated methods and latest instruments. Expert cosmetic surgeons are working there that help patients to overcome the side-effects as soon as possible.

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