FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) are popular and largely practiced hair restoration techniques. Both are being adopted at wide scales and people are getting their benefits. In FUE Hair Restoration Technique hair units are extracted from the donor (bald resistant areas) and then harvested in the recipient (bald areas), whereas in FUT method a strip of hairs is extracted and harvested. The basic difference between the two is method of extraction of follicles. Every technique comes with some pros and cons, so later in this article we will discuss the results of both (FUE and FUT) to see which one is better option.

Let’s start making the comparison from scars and recovery time and in this regard FUE hair transplant technique can be preferred over FUT. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) leave a long liner scar behind which takes a long time to be healed. This not only pains and irritates but looks awkward on the scalp. Contrary to this FUE leaves no liner scar and donor area heals in less time. Also the donor is a random area not a liner scar  so the scalp gets healed in a constant time. Redness, swelling and pain are also cured in less time in FUE. FUT hair restoration is not at all recommended for those people who have short hairs as the donor strip is easily visible.

FUT hair transplant Scar

FUT can only be done to the scalp but FUE is suitable also for non scalp hairs. Modern science made it theoretically possible to implant hairs on any part of body (eye brows, beard and body hairs etc) with FUE method. Whereas FUT does not give this ease of implanting hairs on the body other than scalp.

FUE hair transplant gives the solution for those who have a very tight or a very loose scalp. A strip of hairs cannot be extracted from a scalp with too loose or too tight skin, thus where FUT fails, FUE works. Also it said by dermatologists that FUE gives fine results for such patients so we can prefer FUE over FUT.

Fue donor area scar

2500 follicles extraction -donor area after Fue procedure on day 5th

Scars and swelling on the donor area is healed in less time in FUE procedure so it is a good choice for those people who cannot risk scars on their scalp. Younger people, Fashion models and athletes will prefer FUE.

The patients who undergo strip procedure are prohibited from physical activities like gym, exercises and other routine tasks which involve movement of body at large. The stitches in strip procedure may take one to two weeks for getting dissolved and in this period patient may feel discomfort and pain, thus exercises and physical activities are restricted. Contrary to this FUE hair transplant does not require the patient to wait for this long to resume for exercises.

Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan

Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

As we already discussed strip procedure shaves off a long strip from the donor area while FUE shaves off hairs from the entire donor area. FUT hair transplant can be opted by the people having long hairs and that shaved strip can be easily covered by the hairs coming from the top, but for people with short hairs this may cause embracement.

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