Alopecia Areata Treatment Lahore

Alopecia Areata  treatment in Lahore. Treatments of various skin and hair diseases can be found in different clinics of Lahore. Alopcia areata is one of the hair diseases that can lead to baldness in a patient. Many surgical and medicines are available for the treatment of this disease. Alopecia areata is a condition where hair start losing in the patches and it can lead to permanent baldness. In the first stage, bold spots are appeared on the scalp. This hair loss is painful sometimes. To treat this problem, it is important to understand the causes of this disease. It is not contagious, but it is hereditary and common in those people whose family members are affected with alopecia areata sometimes in the past. Some people of Lahore are also suffering from this condition. It is important for them to visit a dermatologist when they find any noticeable symptom. Our clinic is specialized regarding Alopecia Areata treatment in Lahore and surgical as well as medical hair restoration in Lahore is a reality. Patients can get advice and treatment from experienced dermatologist to get cure of their disease. In some cases, patients do not need to visit a clinic and to get a treatment. Hair fall stopped itself and new hair started re growing without any medicine. Alopecia areata treatments are available for such patients in Lahore that are on initial stages of the disease. It is not guaranteed that whether these treatments will work or not. Hair restoration surgeries and medicines are recommended by dermatologist to treat the patients.

Medical Treatment of Alopecia Areata

The most common accessible treatment in Lahore is to inject cortisone into the patches from where the hairs are lost. Tiny needles are used to inject several times in different bald areas of the scalp. It is obligatory for patients to get this injection once in a month. Hairs start re growing within thirty days of giving first injection. Minoxidil is also used to cure alopecia areata and it is also referred by dermatologists in Lahore. It is required to apply minoxidil solution twice a day. It is not effective for such patients that are suffering from hundred percent hair loss. Anthralin cream that is used in psoriasis is also applied on the hairless patches of the scalp. It is needed to apply once a day and should be washed in an hour. Hair starts re growing within twelve weeks of the treatment.

Surgical Treatment of Alopecia Areata

When alopecia areata becomes sever, dermatologists in Lahore recommended patients to use cortisone pills. Cortisone taken in form of a pill is more effective than injected on the scalp. But it is important to ask about the side-effects that can be resulted after treatment. If this medicine is taken for a very long time, patient can got many health risks. Tropical immunotherapy is also available in Lahore to treat alopecia areata. In this treatment, DPCP, DNCB and SADBE chemicals are applied on the scalp. They produce allergic reactions on the scalp and re grows the scalp after one hundred and twenty days of treatment. Hair transplant surgeries are also there in Lahore to treat patients who have completely lose their hair due to alopecia areata. These are the most effective treatment of hair restoration. Hair follicles are removed from the donor area of the scalp and transplanted to the bald patches. To treat baldness is phone call away where our professional staff will guide you regarding treatment in Lahore. Alopecia Areata treatment in Lahore depends upon its progressive nature of disease. Popular treatments at our clinic area:- FUE-Follicular unit extraction, hair transplant, hair restoration, PRP hair treatment, hair regrowth injections, hair fall solutions with different treatments.

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