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Best hair transplant clinic in Rawalpindi

Best hair transplant in Rawalpindi is a desire of every hair loss patient but unfortunately people have to travel Lahore to fulfill their wish as Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry  has clinic in Lahore  for the last 18 years. He is most competent and skilled hair restoration surgeon and exclusively performing FUE procedure with excellent results.Baldness is present among male and female patients. People search various techniques of hair restoration and best hair transplant in Rawalpindi or other major cities. Alopecia or hair loss, we lose some amount of hair every day and its normal, but losing more than 100 hairs could be dangerous and leads to the complete baldness of the scalp. The interest in hair transplantation has increased over the past 12 years. Two out of three men suffer from hair loss problem these days. Women and men are equally suffering from this problem. There are many reasons that cause hair to thin, shrink and fall. People face complete baldness of the scalp due to some hereditary condition.

You should consult to doctor before getting any treatment or surgery; your surgeon will recommend the treatment after checking:

  • Your age
  • Health, medical history
  • Type and extent of hair loss
  • Your blood test reports.

Best hair transplant in Rawalpindi

Hair restoration:

Hair restoration is a treatment for both men and women. This process helps to restore hair by transplanting new hair grafts into the bald or thin regions of the scalp of a person. It is the only option for those who have lost all  hair on their scalp.The surgery usually takes four to five hours and performed under the local anesthesia to numb the area. In a transplant surgery, hair from the donor sites are extracted and planted in the thin regions. There are two famous processes to restore hair back on your scalp. One of them is follicular unit transplant method and the other one is follicular unit extraction technique. In FUT method, doctors extract a narrow strip containing hair strands and then cut it into individual hair strands. Whereas, in FUE procedure, doctors directly cut the hair follicles individually from the scalp and plant them in the recipient sites. FUE is a more time consuming process, but less painful. It also leaves no scars behind.

Recovery time:

Recovery time depends upon the extent of the transplant, mild pain and numbness can be cured with the help of medicines prescribed by your surgeon. The re-growth of hair usually takes place after 8 months. Complications are very uncommon.

Hair transplant  in Rawalpindi

To get a quality transplant the team and doctor should be highly skilled. Therefore, find the best doctor in your town and get a transplant from him. Surgery is cheaper in Asian countries than in the western states, the surgeons in Asian countries are also very qualified and skilled. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan  depends upon several factors like your affected area size, technique used and the doctor’s charges.They usually charge 80 rupees per graft for FUT transplant and 150 rupees for FUE transplant. After determining and analyzing the patient’s affected site doctors tell you that how many hair grafts will be used in the surgery and the total number count will tell the overall charges.

The cities like Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore have many high class clinics and they are equipped with latest technologies and machinery. Hair Restoration surgery is performed here with utmost care and latest techniques of microsurgery; latest method of local anesthesia without injecting needles is used to numb the area. The clinics and hospitals here uphold the highest standards of the patient’s safety, privacy and sterilization. To get an appointment for hair loss treatment find best hair transplant clinic in Rawalpindi or Islamabad.


Fue Hair Transplant -Saudi Arabia Patient 2643 Grafts

Follicular unit extraction procedure was performed on 23rd July 2014 at hair transplant clinic.

Total number of grafts = 2643

Covered area = Frontal ,mid and crown area.

Hair transplant in Saudi Arabia is at high cost and patients travel to our clinic where they get maximum number of grafts in one or two days procedure.

Fue hair transplant Saudi Arabia

Mega session of Fue hair transplant will cover all area.

There are very few hair transplant clinics in Saudi Arabia which can perform mega session of follicular unit extraction. It is pain free procedure and no more discomfort in it.The above picture is taken before procedure and surgeon was Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry-Paris trained and qualified.

Fue follicular unit extraction in Saudi Arabia

2643 follicles were extracted and placed in the recipient area

How much does Fue hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia?

There are many male and female patients in Saudi Arabia and can not afford too much high cost and they travel to cheaper hair restoration destinations and get their hair loss treatment. Fue hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia is charged 10 SR /graft. The average price for Fue procedure in Saudi Arabia is 20,000 to 25,000 SR.

How to get Cheap Fue procedure Abroad?

Our professional staff will guide and help you regarding your all arrangements, pick & drop from airport, hotel reservation and safe return to your country. There are many airlines coming on daily basis like Saudi Airline, Air Arabia,PIA, Golf airline,Emirates Airline. You can get 2000 to 4000 follicles in one or two day at affordable cost like 5000 to 8000 SR.

Will hair grow back from donor area after Fue procedure ? 

Yes donor area hair will grow back in few days. Below picture will show you after 1 day ,hairs started growth in the donor area.

Donor area after Fue procedure Day 1

Donor area after Fue procedure Day 1