Hair fall solution Urdu

Hair fall solution in Urdu- Hair loss has become a common issue due to the fast paced lifestyle nowadays. A person suffering from hair loss must follow simple steps to get the right treatment from the right person.

Hair fall is caused due to a number of reasons. In some people it may be due to increased stress while in others it can be due to lack of nutrition or a genetic problem. However, everyone wants to look nice and therefore people turn to the various treatments available these days. Before any kind of treatment, the cause of hair fall must be found out and corrected. In case a person does not get the cause of hair loss uprooted, the issue may recur and spoil the impact of the treatment. These days there are several treatments available and a person looking for them can simply find ideas on the Internet. If a person searches for Hair fall solutions in Urdu, they can access to several good treatments and doctors. The hair fall treatments are effective however, the best solution is the hair transplantation surgery. Since it is a delicate procedure, a person must explore the web in order to learn about the surgical steps as well as the surgeons available. Even if a person is not very Internet savvy, they can find out about surgeons and the transplantation procedure if they look for hair fall solutions in Urdu. Pakistan has a thriving medical field and therefore there are many surgeons who can perform excellent surgeries. These surgeons maintain websites which can be retrieved if the patient searches for hair fall solution in Urdu. Being a national language, many people understand it better than foreign languages and therefore the surgeons’ information and procedural steps are available for everyone’s understanding. The surgeons in Pakistan are extremely amicable and their patients alk out of the clinic extremely satisfied and happy. This is why people from all over the world prefer Pakistani surgeons. Lahore is the medical capital of Pakistan since there are several renowned surgeons there who provide excellent results and make the experience worthwhile for patients. If a patient is not very well conversant in English, he or she may find that the surgeons make them feel comfortable by communicating in the same language as the patient. The results of surgery are dependent upon the surgeon’s skills but the patient must also be at ease for maximum results. This is why, from maintaining websites that provides hair fall solution in Urdu, to the surgical comfort; these surgeons take care of their patients. Hair fall treatments are of non surgical methods as well, such as usage of medicinal lotions and laser therapy. However, the most suitable for all kinds of patients is the hair transplant surgery. It is easy for a person to just get this treatment and not rely on long routines and regular massages. Hair transplant surgery was initially done in the 1950s to conceal baldness created by accidents or burns. Due to its successful results it became a cosmetic procedure. The whole purpose of this surgery is that hair is shifted from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no growth. This procedure is more expensive than other non surgical treatments but due to excellent and permanent results it is most sought after. The cost of the procedure is a reason many people cannot afford it and this is why Pakistan is becoming a favorite. Pakistan’s medical facilities and surgeon fees are lower than in other countries while in other countries it is exorbitantly priced.

Hair fall solution in Urdu

Can i add more hair for frontal density?

 Hair fall solution in Urdu can be found on the Internet since many surgeons offer their surgical information in Urdu so that all people can reach them and understand the treatment.


Top ten Pakistani hair doctor

Top ten Pakistani hair doctor- Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan. He is top 1 surgeon in Pakistan. He has more than 15 years hair loss and baldness treatment experience. Dr.Ahmad is qualified from Paris France and only hair restoration surgeon in Pakistan who is Certified by French Board of Hair Restoration surgery.


What is the best medicine for alopecia areata in Pakistan

Best Medicine for alopecia areata in Pakistan– Alopecia areata is the medical name for baldness. Baldness may occur among people due to different reasons. People may get bald due to several reasons.After reaching a certain age, people start losing their hair. First patches of baldness appear on head and hair start falling out quickly from that area. There may be a number of reasons for baldness. A dermatologist can simply recognize alopecia areata by doing a biopsy at the baldness patch. People start getting bald as a result of stressful life, hormonal imbalance, thyroid disease or due to cancer medications. Cancer medications like chemotherapy and radiations cause baldness. Famous celebrities like Lisa Ray and Manisha Koirala shaved off their heads while undergoing cancer treatments. Females suffering from cancer are shy to meet people and wish to restore their old image.At times baldness occurs due to medical reasons too. At times baldness runs in the family and is transferred from parents to kids. Unfortunately there is no such as medication for baldness. However, some treatments may re-grow hair. At times dermatologists use corticosteroids to boost immune system and re-grow hair. These are given as shots. It may be applied as a cream, lotion or ointment over baldness patches. At times dermatologist may suggest a corticosteroid pill to patients. These shots are given after three to six weeks and hair start re-growing after some weeks. At times it takes longer time.

Minoxidil is another baldness medicine applied on bald area. Both children and adults can use it twice a day. At times it re-grows hair. It can be applied to beard areas too. Anthralin is another baldness medicine to boost immune system. It is oil like product that is applied to baldness area and left for about an hour. After that it is washed out. Diphencyprone is another baldness medicine applied to baldness patches. Hair starts re-growing after three months.  At times a dermatologist may prescribe a combination of treatments to cure baldness. Some home remedies for early baldness also work. Crushing fenugreek seeds and applying these on baldness patches re-grow hair. At times applying black seed oil also works well. Egg oil is also a re-growth remedy. Take out juice of onion. And apply on bald areas. Leave for some hours and wash them. Hair would start re-growing in a month or two. Massaging with mustard seed oil is also recommended once in a week. Baldness is not a permanent disease. It can be cured and prevented by using a combination of treatments and techniques. Having healthy and beautiful hair is the dream of everyone. After hair loss, you cannot adopt your favorite hairstyle. At times you need to adopt such a hairstyle that hides your baldness patches. If you have a baldness patch at the top of your head, a side partitioned style would be fine. Adopting hair styles that hide your baldness patches work on a temporary basis. Also try to have more iron rich products. Include green and leafy vegetables in your diet to avoid baldness. If you are looking for What is the best medicine for alopecia areata in Pakistan then your skin specialist decide in a better way whether one medicine enough or you need combination therapy. 

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Best fue surgeon

Best Fue surgeon in Pakistan Lahore Karachi and Islamabad who is performing mega session of hair restoration procedure through Follicular unit extraction. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is routinely performing Fue hair transplant in Pakistan and abroad. He has earned very good repute locally as well as internationally. People visit his clinic all across the world and he has international clientele. Dreamed gives honest and professional opinion to all his patients and he is very sympathetic towards his patients.

Qualities of best Fue surgeon in Pakistan ?

Fue hair transplant is latest trend in Pakistan as well as abroad and best fue surgeon should have following qualities.

  • He should explain to patient all possible solutions for hair loss and baldness
  • After examination and thorough check up Fue surgeon should give his opinion what is best in each individual case.
  • He should have expertise in follicular extraction and there should be less wastage of follicles or roots.
  • He should be fair in his dealing and always consider patients betterment.
  • Capable to perform mega session consisting of 4000 to 5000 plus grafts in single session.


Hair transplant post operative care

Hair Transplant Post Operative careAfter a procedure, you need to take extra care of your scalp hair. There would be come precautionary measures prescribed by your doctor. You need to stick to these.Great care after a surgery is needed. You need to take great care of your hair and skin after a transplant. Pre operative care is also needed at times. You must stop using other  products and sprays almost six weeks prior to your surgery. You may be given some anti inflammatory medicines and ointments by your doctor to avoid rashes and surgery scars.Healing usually takes some time after a procedure. If care isn’t taken, the side effects of a hair transplant may damage your scalp. What to do and what not to do after a procedure is a big question. You must know answers to these questions. The doctor may ask you to use soft and big pillows under your head when you sleep after a hair restoration. When you are taking a shower after a procedure, you must wash it with a special shampoo prescribed by your doctor. You have to massage your scalp gently instead of rubbing it hard as you used to do before.

Also you need to stop dying six weeks before and after the hair transplant. After four weeks, you can dye your transplanted hair. Usually antibiotics are not needed.  You need to be very gentle towards your transplanted hair for ten days after a transplant. You have to avoid sunlight while moving outside. Cover your hair with a big hat after a transplant. Using a sun block with SPF 30 is recommended. You must also avoid exercises so that there isn’t any sweat on your scalp. You must avoid sweat on your head and lower neck. You may be given medication for redness and swelling and you must take proper dosage as prescribed by your doctor. Some soreness and dumbness may also be felt that would go away in a week after surgery. You will be given some medication for soreness and tightness. This feeling goes away in a day or two after surgery.

After ten days, you can get back to your normal shampooing, scrubbing and brushing. Also brushing or combing hard during the first week of surgery isn’t recommended. The donor area takes almost a month or even more than that to heal.  You must be careful about that too. After two to three months, hair start re-growing and hardly any numbness can be felt. Donor laxity is restored after a year or ten months.  Some Effluvium meaning shedding is also common after a hair transplant. You must not be scared of that. Some shedding of hair in the graft areas may occur. There are a number of medicines to reduce post operative effects of shedding. Finasteride is often used to present shedding after a hair transplant. Also, you must stop using gels, sprays and mousse like products for ten days after a transplant.



Ranking of hair transplant in Pakistan

Hair Transplant Ranking in Pakistan-Hair restoration is becoming popular in Pakistan too. Countries like USA and UK have been using it since decades. Pakistan is also ranked among some of the countries of the world where hair transplants are becoming popular.It is becoming popular in Pakistan. In big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, it is becoming popular. Patients who are sick of their baldness or thin hair can go for a treatments. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry clinic in Lahore offers best hair transplant in Pakistan. People who wish to restore their hair are ideal patients for a this procedure. It has become popular among non show business people too. Celebrities like Babar Ali, Shahod Alvi, Rahim Shah, Fakhir, Nabeel, Asad Malik and many others have undergone transplants in order to restore their hair. Due to a fast paced and stressful life, hair implant has become a necessity instead of a fashion and trend. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is best hair transplant surgeon of Pakistan. He has more than fifteen years of experience in treating baldness and hair issues.

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is one of the best Fue transplant surgeons of Pakistan. Baldness occurs due to a number of issues. Having beautiful and healthy hair is the dream of everyone. People with baldness patches are often shy to meet people and low self image is formed. At times due to lack of vitamin A, baldness occurs. Baldness may be genetic too. Parents with thin hair usually have kids with thin hair. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has a big clientele of bald patients. Fue procedure have also become popular in Pakistan. Patients who wish to avoid a single strip scar opt for Fue surgery.  Also Fue procedure is ideal for patients who wish to have a painless procedure. Strip incision costs less but has little pain. Instead of a single big graft, multiple grafts are transplanted on scalp in Fue.

Hair surgeries are becoming popular in Pakistan during past few years. Due a poor diet, lack of rest and sleep, bad medication, drugs, wrong food intake, lack of vitamins in body, lack of iron and minerals in body leads to baldness. Also because of some cancer medications and radio therapies, baldness occurs. After a patient has tried each kind of procedure for baldness the last one is to go for a permanent treatment.Many patients are scared while going for a surgery. However you need to take care of after a procedure. Great post operative must be taken after a surgery. Some patients may complain about redness and stiffness in some of the areas, but this goes away in some days.Hair restoration have gained great popularity in past some years in show business industry. Many celebrities have gone for regrowth treatment and change is visible in their styles after. You must consult your doctor and share your worries or confusions. Also make sure what kind of transplant is needed on your scalp.If we do ranking of hair transplant in Pakistan then Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has vast experience, qualification and skill to treat difficult cases in a simple manner.