Plastic Surgery Pakistan

Plastic Surgery in Pakistan for liposuction, nose surgery, face lift,face surgery and hair transplant is being performed in Lahore Karachi Islamabad and Peshawar by qualified and Board certified surgeons. However all surgeons can not perform all sort of procedures easily. Some have developed further interest and doing one or two procedure of plastic surgery with precision and without any mistake. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has dedicated his practice for hair transplant in Pakistan.

Plastic Surgery in Pakistan Cost

Plastic surgery cost in Pakistan vary from procedure to procedure basis and plastic surgeon experience, qualification and skills. However to give you an idea, the prices are

Liposuction = 75000 to 150,000 Pak rupee

Hair Transplant= 75000 to 150,000 Rs

Nose surgery= 45000 to 100,000 Pak rupee

Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan

Cosmoderma best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan

Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan is difficult to decide as every hair clinic claim number one and pioneer. It is easier to decide which the best clinic in Pakistan is by searching from internet. There are lot of patients who are sharing their experiences with surgeons and clinic and writing on internet their honest and unbiased opinion. Second most important thing is when you visit for consultation; you may observe which clinic is forcing you for surgery so they earn money from you. This you may judge easily from their professional approach verses their greediness.


The best hair restoration surgeon in Pakistan

The best hair restoration surgeon in Pakistan will inform you all possible solution and would not force you for surgery. But those clinics that have their marketing men and hired their services, it is their duty to book every person for surgery so that he /she can get commission. One should avoid such clinics that have marketing men as they are not doctor and mislead you for hair transplant in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. You are visiting clinic for professional and honest opinion from hair loss specialist but your consultation will end up by meeting with MBA marketing person. You may ask whether he/she is hair loss treatment specialist or marketing/front desk booking agent. Beware of such marketing men and avoid such kind of clinics. Normally such kind of clinics are decorated very well and they hired some interior firms for decoration but it is another way to convince you and take your money from pocket.Before hair loss treatment Pakistan

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed Follicular unit extraction procedure at his clinic in Lahore Pakistan.

Crown area baldnes treatment Pakistan

Before procedure crown area view

Marking frontal hairline

Surgical marker used for designing and frontal hairline plus angle of future hairs determined by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry at his clinic Lahore Pakistan.

Vertex area designing

Mega session of Fue procedure in Pakistan. Total 2545 grafts for frontal are crown area were planned.Single session of 5 hours.

Best hair transplant clinic Pakistan workBest Hair Transplant Results in Pakistan

Is Hair Transplant Possible in Pakistan

Is Hair Transplant Possible in Pakistan- male pattern baldness and female hair thinning is a common cosmetic problem.  To stop hair fall and how to find solution and remedies in Pakistan is a fundamental question. There are various clinics in Pakistan which provide different treatments and solution according to cause of hair fall . Male pattern baldness, the most common cause is male hormone which convert into DHT. This active hormone causes thinning and ultimately hair shedding. Female hair loss and causes are different and most common is iron deficiency and hormonal imbalance. There are certain conditions in female patients which causes weakening of hair and thinning. Pregnancy, thyroid hormone imbalance, heavy menstrual bleeding causing iron deficiency, lactation and poly cystic ovarian disease.

Is Hair Transplant Possible in Pakistan- The answer is yes as there are many competent and renowned surgeons ,performing hair transplant in Pakistan with state of the art techniques. Follicular method, No Touch hair implant and Follicular unit extraction are few of them.

Designing of frontal hairline

Hairline designing by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry


Mega session of FUE hair transplant in Pakistan

2340 Fue grafts in Single session by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry


Hair loss is characterized as the loss of hair from a few parts of the head. The reason for hair loss may be a direct result of an innate condition like male-pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. In the event of men it can prompt to baldness and for women, it can prompt diminution of hair. Transitory male pattern baldness can likewise be a consequence of certain prescription or medications like chemotherapy. Tragically, there are no solid male pattern baldness medications for these cases.

What is Hair Transplantation?

It is a surgery that guarantees to restore the hair on an uncovered scalp with any one of the restoration techniques that is clinically proven to yield a powerful and long lasting result.

The common reasoning would be that they don’t take good care of their hair and hence lead to hair loss problems. Unlike women, who nourish their hair with good conditioners after shampooing it. Who has all that time and patience, unlike woman? See, what complications this would lead to. Unkempt hair, no proper brushing is seen more in the male. Usually, hair doctors say that brushing your hair fuels hair glands and hence, there is good hair growth. It is said that brushing your hair backward several times a day helps.

Now, you are looking out for solutions for your hair loss, aren’t you?

Research each year, adds up new hair loss treatment. There is more to serve you, with the onset of technology. Hair transplantation, scalp reductions, and artificial hair fiber techniques are used to treat hair loss problem. These are commonly used hair restoration surgeries.

In addition to this, hair growth and regrowth treatment are also available with the online expert’s assistance. Usage of plant-based extracts provide a healthy environment for the scalp and boosts hair growth. Such plant-based products protect hair from damage while adding shine and life to it as well. Treat your vertex and hairline, pattern baldness needs to be addressed at the earliest.

You can be treated with hormone blockers and hair growth stimulant. Hormone blockers are used to those who are hormonally sensitive and hence there is damage to their hair. Hair growth stimulant boosts the growth of the hair. Don’t use any treatment that is suggested to you. Prior understanding of your hair loss causes and various treatments for hair needs to be considered. A prior and thorough examination of your hair follicles, shaft and scalp need to be done, in order to ascertain if your hair problem is genetic or not. Every hair problem is treated differently. Do not let your hard earned money go wasted in irrelevant treatment, get the right hair treatment after getting the basic testing of your hair done. Reach out hair specialists or hair restoration surgeons, they can clear your ambiguities based on your hair problem.

A hair transplant expense is most probably a one-time financing with guaranteed result that will enhance your hair thickness regardless of the fact that you discover your results not the same as your desires. For a hair transplant, Lahore Pakistan is one of the best places on the planet to look for a hair transplant specialist and the surgery.

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan varies from one clinic to another. The FUE cost surgery varies from 75000 Rupee to Rs 250,000 per session. The cost of FUE per graft is generally Rs 100 to 150 which can come down to Rs 90 after the extraction of 1500 grafts.

Hairgaine For Men

Hairgaine for men is possible through hair transplant which is a technical surgery and has minimal side effects. However, patients lose hair after surgery but this hair re-grows in a short period.

Hair transplantation is the surgical method of hair restoration which involves shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor growth or baldness. This surgery is performed under local anesthesia and hence is an easy procedure for the patient. The surgery has very few side effects, such as headaches and tightness at the recipient site due to plantation of new hair follicles. One side effect of this surgery that worries most patients is the hair loss. This hair loss is normal and is a side effect of every surgery. Also referred to as Shock Loss, this is a result of the body’s state of shock as it receives surgical treatments. The hair that is planted is also shed off during this phase, however, it grows back within a period of maximum one year. The surgeon and patient often discuss the various aspects of surgery before it starts and this is to make the patient understand what kind of consequences can be faced. The hair is planted at the bald patch so that they gain nutrition from the scalp and start to grow normally. Once hair transplantation has been completed, the new hair doesn’t spring up instantly. In fact, the hair is first lost and then it starts to grow back gradually. The donor grafts first go through a process before actually yielding a lasting and fuller head of hair. During this time, they may cause concern for the patient who often becomes impatient and worried and wonders why the new hair is following a strange pattern. In most cases, panic and worry are not even required since this bizarre process is completely normal. The newly transplanted grafts show a general trend from the first day after the surgery up till the sixth month. A day after the surgery, the patient is able to see thousands of newly transplanted hair sticking up from the scalp and making their root protruded. These donor grafts cause soreness on the scalp and are often itchy as well. Some patients may experience slight bleeding, and swelling. However very soon, they become scabs and gradually these tiny wounds flake off. The donor hairs may also flake off with the scabs as a part of the healing process. The transplants will continue shedding even more at this point. This causes many people to panic and lose hope of seeing full growth but the hair is supposed to come off. The follicle remains intact under the scalp and that produces a new hair strand. This process takes the time that individual’s hair growth cycle needs. By the fourth month, the scalp may start to break out in pimples. This is also normal, caused either by fragments of hair caught under the skin, or by the new hairs trying to grow and push their way through the scalp. This breakout might last as long as 12 weeks and sometimes longer, since the new hairs will grow in sporadically. Surgeons recommend application of light oils after a warm shower so that it helps treat the pimples and keep them under control. Within a maximum time period of one year, the patient sees full growth and coverage of the bald patch. It takes up to 18 months after hair transplantation to see the maximum maturity and density of the new hair.

Hairgain for men after hair transplant surgery is not a sudden result. It takes months for the newly planted follicles to produce hair strands and provide full coverage of the bald patch.

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