Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments come in a variety and form. At times some people do not wish to go for cosmetic surgery and wish to adopt herbal and ayurvedic treatments for thinning and baldness. Adopting for hair transplant surgery is a big question. Males start losing hair because of work pressure and smoking. Too much drinking also leads to baldness. Thousands of treatment products are available in market. These are not to be used by everyone. If you want to prevent baldness, that is another issue. There is a big difference in baldness prevention and baldness cure. An old saying states that prevention is better than cure. Talking about some herbal and home remedies for baldness, different kinds of  treatments are there depending upon the kind of baldness you have. If your hair is thinning down, it is good to use castor oil and cactus oil on your hair to give them more volume. Massaging daily with olive oil is also recommended. If you have a baldness patch that is prominent, you can use onion juice on it. Take out onion juice, apply on baldness patch and leave for some hours. Hair would start re-growing. Also, kalwonji (black seed) oil is also good . Washing daily with Amla, Reetha and Sikakai is also recommended. Another  treatment is also to bring shine and provide strength to it. Make a mixture of tea and coffee in a bowl. Add boiling water to it. Stir well. Apply this water on hair and baldness would go away.

Baldness also occurs as a result of hair fall . To remove dandruff, beat yogurt in bowl and add an egg and some grinded sugar to it. Dandruff would simply go away. Applying mustard seed oil is also good . Massaging once in a week with Amla oil is also recommended to avoid dandruff and itching. These hair treatments are great and prevent baldness. Egg oil is the best remedy to prevent baldness. Massage egg oil on bald area and leave for some time. Wash with a good shampoo. Hair would become strong and baldness would go away. Castor oil mixed with almond oil and applied to head also yields great results. Kareena Kapoor uses a special  treatment once in a month on her head. She uses a combination of oils for hair massage. Coconut oil is also great for curing dandruff and dry hair.

These are all home treatments. In case the hair loss has reached an extent, where no more remedies seems to work, then you must consult a specialist. Some people have lost hair to a great extent that can only be restored with a hair transplant. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is one of the best hair experts in Pakistan. You must keep a session or appointment with your doctor about your problems. If you are a public figure, you must not take your baldness lightly and immediately start a hair treatment.

Best Surgeon Lahore

Best Surgeon in Lahore who is performing hair transplant on daily basis. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a Paris trained and qualified doctor and has 16 years experience.He is an honest and fair with his patients. He gives unbiased opinion regarding hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore whether one should proceed for this  procedure or not. There are many  hair loss conditions which are treatable through medicines. However if baldness is visible and someone has clear male or female pattern baldness then hair restoration surgery is an ultimate remedy.

Best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore

Finding best surgeon in Lahore

If you are worried regarding your baldness problem and searching for best surgeon in Lahore then you may contact Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and has his professional opinion regarding best and latest technique in Lahore Pakistan. Dr.Ahmad can be contacted through Email,Cell or SMS. Get your appointment and find best hair loss solutions and remedies from foreign qualified doctor.

Best Surgeon Lahore

Crown/vertex area orientation for hair transplantation


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Face Surgery Pakistan

Face Surgery PakistanAt times with aging and some kind of skin issues and disorders, we need to undergo a face surgery. Face surgeries are also becoming popular in Pakistan. Many celebrities have undergone face surgeries in order to improve their looks and appearance.As Bollywood is concerned, we know that many famous Bollywood actresses went for face surgeries. Sridevi did a nose implant to get rid of her thick nose and same with Shilpa Shetty too. Madhuri and some famous actresses use Botox injections in order to stay young. Mahnoor Baloch has still maintained herself at this age with face surgery. Priyanka Chopra performed a nose job.The concept of face surgery became popular in Pakistan a decade back. The most famous form of face surgery in Pakistan is either a nose job or a face lift. Both kinds of surgeries are used to make patient look younger and beautiful. People with sharp features and thick noses are ideal patients for face surgery.

Another form of face surgery is also common. Skin peeling or skin rejuvenation which is used to give a lighter tone to skin and make it glowing. It also removes wrinkles from skin. Famous Pakistani singer and actress Noor Jehan went for a facelift in early 80s. She used to hide the lift scar with a cloth tied around her neck.  The trend of facial surgeries is becoming popular in Pakistan too. Our celebrities are also going under knife to look more beautiful and attractive. Nadia Hussain is a famous model. She went for nose job, cheek implants, lip augmentation and chin lift. Amena Haque and Iffat Umar also performed some surgical procedures like cheek implants and lip augmentation. Hadiqa Kiani and Noor Bokhari also did some nose jobs. At times there is a big hunch on your nose and you wish to get rid of it. People like to have a smooth nose that is curve free. The pointed area on the nose is usually trimmed   with the help of surgery. Pakistani actresses go for Botox injections after crossing fifty. Sarwat Gillani’s nose job is quite visible if you see her old and new pictures.

National Hospital Lahore offers the best face and cosmetic surgeries under the supervision of skilled doctors and surgeons. If you wish to get rid of your old looks, you can contact a doctor for skin surgery. Some celebrities have undergone knife to make their nose shape more angular and thin. At times some celebrities look odd with their new implanted looks. Some celebrities like Sadia Imam look unattractive with artificial nose and artificially fixed cheeks. Check old dramas of Sadia Imam where she used to be an attractive girl and used to have a lot of fan ship. Not every face surgery yields good results. Your doctor must be very skilled to know your features better. Some celebrities look odd with badly implanted cheeks and lips. You need to make an appointment with your doctor to know how you would look like after a face surgery in Pakistan.


Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan

People travel for cosmetic surgery in Pakistan from all over the word. It is their utmost priority to get their hair transplant, hair restoration , hair loss treatments, laser cosmetic procedure from best cosmetic surgeon in Pakistan.At times you wish to get rid of your bad old looks and wish to get new and beautiful ones. With the help of cosmetic surgery, you can get new and improved looks.Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry offers Laser cosmetic procedures of every kind. Some times plastic surgeries do not give the expected results. Actress Mishi Khan made a comeback at K2 TV after a long absence. She has changed looks and features as she used to have in her old drama Uroosa. She is much thinner now.Before signing Jism, actress Bipasha Basu underwent cosmetic surgery on her thighs and hips. Jism was big hit. Bipasha also has changed looks. Her cheeks have trimmed down now. Just watch some of her old films. She is much changed now. Her face appears a bit fat and chubby in her old films. Actresses like Hema Malini who happens to be a dream girl of her times also went for a face lift to get rid of wrinkles. Also Hema looks fairer now. Cosmetic surgeries are usually popular in Hollywood where people experiment a lot with their features and hair. Our celebrities are also coming under knife to look more beautiful and attractive on screen. The beauty procedure race is becoming popular in Pakistan and Pakistani media too. Females who wish to get rid of their wrinkled skin go for it mostly. In order to get more films and with better looks, show business people want to get more publicity and fame with improved looks. Just take example of Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. She was a girl with average looks and dark complexion. Now she got his Nose job and whitening of skin treatment. The most common procedure performed in cosmetic surgery in Pakistan are wrinkles treatment, face lift, lip augmentation, hair transplant and restoration, Tummy tuck, skin whitening injections and treatments.

How to find clinic for cosmetic surgery in Pakistan?

However, some Pakistani actresses have done bad and weird nose implants. Actresses like Fiza Ali, Sadia Imam and Sara Loren look weird with their new badly fixed nose jobs. You need to have a good doctor and surgeon for a good plastic procedure. Famous pop star and King of POP Michael Jackson started looking weird after having done too many plastic surgeries on his face. He got rid of his dark looks but looked weird after a plastic surgery. Some of the celebrities have become disfigured after cosmetic procedures.  One of the best examples of cosmetic operations is case of Shilpa Shetty where she has turned into an attractive Diva. Some celebrities wish to get rid of their aquiline nose.

Media is a fast paced life and everyone wish to look beautiful. Many celebrities undergo knife. Surgeries either makes them look more attractive or makes them look weird. Some famous actresses with dark skin tones also love to go for skin lightening treatments. After being criticized for a dark skin, females wish to opt for a lighter skin tone. Procedures like rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty are quite popular among stars.You need to check with your doctor well if you wish to have new and improved looks. Always consult with your doctor to know what kind of features you would have after a cosmetic surgery in Pakistan.

Hair Fixing Expense Pakistan

Hair Fixing Expense in Pakistan are based upon temporary versus permanent fixing procedure. Temporary method is non surgical replacement , hairpiece or wig. There are more than 20 centers for non surgical hair replacement systems. Some fix with adhesives and other with clips. What is best in your case based upon donor area , colour, textures and expectations.

Permanent hair fixing Solution

Permanent hair fixing expense in Lahore is based on area of baldness and technique of treatment. These hairs will grow and one may cut and trim those. They will grow like natural hair and it is a best treatment which restore hair permanently. Hair fixing expense in Pakistan for such kind of treatment starts from 75000 to 150,000 Pak rupee in best clinics.

Hair fixing expense Pakistan


                                              THE HAIR TRANSPLANT PRINCIPLES

First we have to know the cause of losing hair as well as baldness take place and then the hair transplant principles come into our knowledge and observation. The androgenic baldness comes into existence with the reason and now we needs to know the cause that spreads it.                                                         The analysis of the life of the hair can be distributed in three stages.

  1. Anagen stage
  2. Telogen stage

Now we discuss these three stages in detail.


Anagen stage .its cycle phase is about four years


Catagen stage . during this phase hair does not grow. So it is also called rest of hair cycling.

Its age is about 10 years.

Telogen stage. It is known as excretion period the old hair breaks by the new hair. This stage lasts in four months. It is the phase during which the hair are caught by comb or the hair brush.

This hair fall is completely simple and natural process. In the place of fallen hair, new hair grow up.This natural process is not noticeable but when new hair does not replace by the old ones,the baldness comes into existence. The shape on the peaks of skin is affected only the phenomena. The crow area having a thick hair percentage is not affected because the hair will carry on to grow whole life.It is necessary to keep in mind that the hair on the top  are different from the hair of crown area. If one has baldness on the peak, it is not because of dysfunction. The cause of falling hair lies the in the agency procedure of hair that are falling in speedily.

                       Hair transplant has its beginning in this necessary and fundamental process. The method is a kind of surgery which comes into existence from the bond of head. Then it happens the loss of upper hair.In the areas of baldness, the transplanted hair does not grow because they have not ability to grow.

                        This is only hair resource which is not wasted and considered a strategic resource of the crown for best exploration. The real technique of micrografting and ultra micro grafting is the one and only way to cover. By optimization of the crown   is more important baldness. It is easy to understand that the hair transplant consists in a redistribution. The upper hair does not give us the density of a youngster. The new hair give us the density in accordance with our age. We will have our own hair alive and growing throughout our age.







Hair Plantation Lahore

Hair Plantation in Lahore by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry, best surgeon in Lahore performing and treating male pattern baldness for the last 16 years. He is doing hair transplant in Lahore as well as abroad. Dr.Ahmad is using latest  techniques like Follicular unit extraction, single follicular techniques, no touch auto inject .Baldness starts from early teenage and continue to late sixties. When to have hair plantation procedure, obviously when patches are visible ,proper time to have consultation with expert.Hair plantation in Lahore is possible or not ,if yes then who is best surgeon in Lahore Pakistan. When will  start in Lahore? What are complication and how much price involved in the procedure. These are some basic questions which will provide  information. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has started surgical hair transplant in Lahore and he is pioneer in this field. Baldness and alopecia is a common problem among Pakistani population. It is also fact hair  clinic established like mushroom due to highly paying field. Every surgeon does not have same level of skill and expertise so result vary. If you can go to any main boulevard of Lahore you will find lot of clinics.

Hair plantation Cost in Lahore

How much does hair plantation cost in Lahore? There are many clinics offering their services for baldness  treatment. One should choose best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore. Cost of the procedure depends upon number of grafts and technique Fue vs FUT. Average hair transplant cost in Lahore ranges 60,000 Pak rupee to 150,000 Rs.

How to Contact for Appointment?

To get an appointment for  free estimation of prices,it is just one phone call away. Call +92-333-430-99 99 for more information and hair transplantation consultation.

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