Hair Transplant Iran

Hair transplant in Iran is performed in all major cities like Tehran Isfahan and Shiraz. Iran was previously known as Persia that has been the birthplace of scientific research. Even today, the medical facilities and techniques used there are more developed than other countries. Iran is considered the capital of nose surgeries and the surgeons in the state are extremely skilled due to the heavy influx of patients looking for quality of plastic surgeries. Other cosmetic procedures such as hair transplant in Iran are also performed successfully. These procedures have become a popular procedure of cosmetic medicine due to a large number of people suffering from hair loss. Hair loss can be caused due to a number of reasons, these involve stress, genetic set ups and poor diets. As the number of hair loss candidates is increasing due to increased resources and exposure, the methods of hair replacement are evolving and therefore it has become an easier and less costly procedure for the common man. Unfortunately for Iran, the negative image of the state in the global community has caused the candidates of hair loss treatment to be less in number since the type of hair restoration that is available in Iran can be availed from other countries as well and therefore people avoid Iran’s security issues. There are many other countries where hair loss surgeries are done using the latest techniques and due to this many patients do not travel to Iran to avoid any social unrest. Iran is the hub of cosmetic surgery and the surgeons there provide excellent treatments but due to the social situation, candidates prefer other destinations. Due to this, the statistics of this procedure medical tourists is lower as compared to those of nose surgery. Other Asian countries such as Pakistan and Malaysia are also good contenders as far as hair transplant is concerned. However, Iran has a high number of visitors from the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The hair transplant in Iran is done in two ways, the strip harvest method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The strip method involves the removal of a strip of hair from an area of good density and then this strip is divided into smaller units. These units are then planted on the scalp where baldness occurs. Usually the strip is taken from the back of the head since hair growth is good there, but in some cases the donor site may vary. The donor site always has a scar from the strip removal since the wound is stapled with stainless steel staples, designed especially for surgical use. This scar is covered by the surrounding hair growth and hence is not very visible. The FUE method is a later development and it involves the extraction of individual hair follicles that are then planted on the bald area one by one. Surgeons are renowned worldwide and many  medical students visit these  center for hair transplant in Iran for procedure and learning purpose.

Cheap Hair Transplant China

Cheap hair transplant in China is offered in different packages.These are included travel,hotel stay and tourism. These days a large number of people are suffering from hair loss which is a result of stress or poor diets. This is why a large number of people turn to hair restoration methods. Hair restoration surgery is a permanent solution to baldness since it has lifelong results and is a one-time hassle and does not require any routines to follow. China is one of the economies that are rising fast and the development of the medical sector is also phenomenal. China boasts hundreds of clinics where top class surgeries are being performed. Many clinics are there who are offering cheap hair transplant in China and the medical tourism is rising. The hair loss surgery has been evolving and latest techniques ensure good results. The procedure was first introduced in the 1950s to treat accidental hair gaps and irregular hair growth due to accidents and burns. Due to the success of this technique, it became a cosmetic procedure and people started turning to it to restore hair growth. China has a rich history and hair play an important role in the traditional Chinese attire. This is also a reason it has become a popular treatment. As a hair restoration is a comfortable and easy procedure for the patient, it is a skillful and careful procedure for the surgeon. A large part of the result is attributed to the surgeon’s skill and artistic hand since it involves a lot of care on the surgeon’s part. China has a cheaper currency as compared to developed western countries therefore a large number of people travel there to get a good hair transplantation. Hair restoration surgery needs a lot of research and a candidate must select a surgeon who is well reputed and has a large portfolio of patients. Once a candidate has decided upon a surgeon, he can carry out initial consultations without having to go to China. Through the Internet, close ups of the scalp can be sent to the surgeon who can evaluate the number of grafts that need to be planted along with the number of sessions required to complete the transplant. The candidate can get a fair idea of the final hair transplant cost in China before he or she has traveled. Once all the initial discussions are done, the candidate can travel to China and find good accommodation. The clinics and medical centers in China are comfortable and according to world standards. This way, a patient is ensured a comfortable procedure as well. Once the surgery is complete, there is no healing time required and the recipient can travel easily. The surgeons always give a post surgery care routine to the patient which must be followed properly. If done so, the results are better and last longer than any other hair restoration method.

Hair transplant China

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